Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As the thermometer continued to give us chilly news, after Morning Offering Mick donned his many layers of warm clothing and set out to crunch a zillion leaves! During Morning Offering we looked out the living room windows which let on to the back yard and beheld the awesome sight of our row of gingko trees at the back property line, which were all dropping ALL of their leaves at once. It was a golden, heavy rain! And the Thanksgiving cactus is in bloom just inside that window, which gave the spectacle a beautiful frame.

Mick crunched and bagged leaves all day, and injured himself slightly when he took a heavy fall on gravel, coming home with torn-up knees. He said if it was not for the long johns and the sturdy patches on his knees, the damage would have been a good deal worse.

His patches! They’re a sight! Mick has been patching his work jeans, even though there are four new pairs of work jeans in his closet. He is a creature of ritual, and until the 39-week mowing season is over – which is at the end of next week – he wants to wear this season’s pants. He’s a sight! I have started calling him “Patches”. One of his four pairs has nine patches, while the others have at least half a dozen apiece. He is wabi-sabi picturesque!

I spent the day writing my UPI column on the war in heaven spoken of in the Book of Revelations in the Bible and in the Ra Material as well. This is the third part of my series on the interactions of the Confederation of Angels and Planets with the Earth world. Next week: angels, according to the Confederation, to finish up the series. It has been a fun series to do. I’ve been answering JoyousChee’s questions, of which this is the second. I look forward to seeing what question number three is!

I worked for a while on my Gift List for Christmas late in the afternoon, and set up a time log for working on Buke Tolga’s questions. I hope to take Buke's queries up tomorrow, after I read through two of Lana’s chapters for her.

Mel struggled mightily all day with the book-keeping computer, which Romi had just tweaked by installing QuickBooks 2008 and adding memory. The Ro Man had forgotten to dot an I or cross a T somewhere, because the internet access was trammeled. Ro came over after work, had a bite of supper with us and then worked with Mel on the computer troubles, on some questions she had about the solar batteries – Romi is an engineer – and then on the page of drawings for Dana’s book which she is re-creating so they are legible.

Mel distinguished herself in thoughtfulness by adding a backstop to the keyboard tray of my office desk today. There was no backstop there previously and the keyboard tended to fall out the back and hit the floor with a big bang when the office chair caught the cord just right. This situation has stood since February of 2006, when I set up this office. Less than a week after she discovered it, it is fixed! I am dazzled!

We had a most enjoyable evening with Gary, fresh from conquering the L/L Research Inbox, Mel, Romi, Mick and I to share conversation. Romi offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.