Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It was misting and mizzling when we left The Isle of Capri Hotel, and so it continued all the day, sometimes storming or coming on to a steady, soaking rain, but always wet. Stanley was happy, driving in the wet, and we were happy moving along back to Camelot, our kitties and our own beds! Again I read Mick the paper as we drove, then the readings for our Morning Offering.

We drove straight through to Anthony’s Steak House east of Omaha, enjoyed a fine lunch there and then aimed Stanley for Louisville and drove the rest of the way home, arriving just as dusk was falling. We celebrated our arrival with one last restaurant meal, at the local Red Lobster, and then drove through the sweet, wet evening to Camelot.

I sat and patted kitties while Mick sorted out our traps, did the washing and in general got us unpacked and settled. We came together for the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer, and dessert. Then we said good night to Gary and came upstairs for a date, the second one in two days, but we were both more than ready to share some energy to celebrate arriving home! It was lovely, and we sank down into afterglow and then bedtime, offering praise and thanksgiving for a trip accomplished, an honor-duty well done and most of all, having each other as companions with whom we could see things through in the happiest of styles.