Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We played hooky and stayed home from church today, which surprised me a bit since Mom is a regular church-goer. Today she wanted to stay home. So our morning and afternoon were all of a piece. After Morning Offering, I took a shower and then devoted myself for the rest of the work day to catching up on e-mail.

It was a very heartening and healing task, since I responded to eleven letters written by those who had written in to thank me for one or another of my UPI articles. I felt bathed in love and support!

In other letters I wrote:

• Steve M, who told me that he was contemplating salting his local book store with TLOO, and asked about a celebratory get-together for his study group in Chicago. I invited them to come to Camelot over a weekend when we had a channeling session.

• Monica L, who would like to sell her Kangen water ionizer in our on-line store. I assured her that we would like to do that, and after www.bring4th.or is launched on Christmas Day, I’ll talk to Steve E about the “Friends Of” section of our store. He may have gotten it up and running as he comes to launch; I don’t know and cannot check that until we get back to Camelot, since this dial-up connection here at Mom’s will not permit me access to the internet. I think the “Friends Of” section of the store will be fun. Lots of folks who enjoy our material are involved in fascinating and varied interests and we should develop a very interesting boutique of good products for the seeker who is shopping around.

• Jude, my beloved Aaron/Q’uo editor, telling her that we’ll have to shake Hampton Roads' tree soon, but I have a little hunch that says to wait till after New Years’ Day to do that. It is hard to wait and wait when we so wish that project to see the printed light of day. It is such beautiful material!

• Pupie, whose wedding I attended in 2005 in Britain – I turned that occasion for travel into a speaking tour and Vara and I had the best time going all over England. I spoke in Newcastle, London, Forest Row, Bath and St. Albans. Pupie appointed me her counselor during the ceremony, and wrote, concerned that I could no longer fill that role because of my health issues. I assured her that I can easily do anything that does not require moving around. She had suggested switching over to Mick as her counselor, and of course he would be wonderful. But Mick prefers that I continue. And I think I am probably a better fit.

• Rob Schwartz in Ohio, agreeing with him that we MUST visit in person one day – but not on this particular trip he is taking. Rob wrote me a very kind blurb for the back cover of 101 and is the author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born(

• Reverend Ruth Ann M, who asked about the Hadron Collector. I had not heard of that. I’ll have to get home before I can investigate it for her.

• My brother, Tommy, thanking him for his material from our song-and-story tapes and asking him to bring anything else he can find when he comes to Louisville for our Rueckert Family Christmas, over New Year's. I wrote those stories and lyrics back in the late seventies and early eighties, and we have moved twice since then. My own copies have gone missing. Tom suggested that we might consider re-doing them at some point, to get better performances down for posterity. I agreed, given that we can both find the time, and told him that Rick C, in Maine, who is a retired, Emmy-winning sound man with an illustrious career in Hollywood behind him, has offered to record me for free any time I wish, and he’d be glad to do the sound work for Tommy and me.

• Scott Mandelker, author and counselor to seekers, thanking him for the blurb he sent me for 101 and telling him that it came in after the back cover text was finalized, but that I will use his very kind words in the letter we send out to our mailing list when 101 is published. Scott has been teaching and traveling in Japan and Indonesia and did not get my request for a couple of months, until he arrived home to San Francisco at Thanksgiving

• Vara L-R, sending her the next Mosaic and Wisdom Poem from Dana Redfield’s Alphabet Mosaics so she can publish them in the next issue of Planet Light Worker ( Vara moved to Alaska recently with her husband, who is a soldier now deployed in Iraq. She shared tales of shoveling mountains of snow off her flat garage roof and feeding the grosbeaks and many other birds which thrive in the far north.

• Talitha L, thanking her for her absent Reiki healing.

• Gary, who sent me recipe changes for a recipe (Peas Creamed with Artichoke Hearts and Mushrooms) of which Micheline D in France had requested a copy. I incorporated Gary’s changes and sent him the recipe. Gary often creates changes in the recipes from my database as he cooks them, and I try to catch them in order to refine the recipes.

• Lorena L, thanking her for her news and telling her I looked forward to seeing her in January, when she will visit in order to get out the next Law of One for Prisoners (LOOP) Newsletter issue compiled, printed and mailed.

• Mel, thanking her for her newly compiled Avalon Contact and Avalon Solar Power worksheets, as well as for so very many wonderful things she has done lately, such as the great help at Thanksgiving and her present-wrapping, which she’s doing while Mick and I are away from home.

• Marcia McMahon, channel for Princess Diana and John Lennon as well as Jeshua, commiserating with her because at her recent speaking engagement in Chicago she was allowed only to talk about Jeshua. She said Princess Diana was miffed!

• Micheline D, thanking her for some very kind words and also for her translation of TLOO into French! She has finished that and it is available on now, in the Library section. She is now translating 101!

• Tom C, thanking him for his streusel muffin recipe. It looks delicious! I reworked it and formatted it and sent him back a finished copy of it.

• Daphne K, congratulating her on her recovery of health and her move to Alaska and thanking her for her kind words.

• Cynthya J, who wrote to offer to send a copy of her book, The Journey, for our Library. I told her we’d be delighted to receive that, and encouraged her to continue her writing. She is partway through a prequel to The Journey now but had gotten away from the writing for a while.

Meanwhile Mick and Mom enjoyed a Sunday’s worth of pro football and especially the announcement of the BCS placements – the big news of the day for those who love college football.

Mom took us out to P J’s Restaurant in Cozad, eleven miles west of here, for our last dinner together. The food was absolutely delicious! I had a prime rib sandwich – minus the bread for me – that was rare and tender, with some of the best French fries I have ever eaten. I was in food heaven tonight!

As I continued to work at responding to the e-mail in my Inbox, Mick got us packed and ready to go tomorrow morning. He also offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.