Saturday, December 20, 2008


This was a most unusual day! We broke a weather record over 100 years old by topping 70 F. And Mick was out in it all day, bagging leaves. He is up to 209 bags of leaves for this customer, and still has her back half-acre to clear. He will definitely break his record, which was 230 bags last year, when he completes the job tomorrow!

It was raining to beat the band for much of the day. Mick said he was bagging snow, rain and leaves!

I stayed inside and kept dry, except for going out to cuddle Dan D. Lion McCarty-cat, who prefers his front porch “house” when the weather is wet. I wrote 5 thank you notes for gifts already received. Then I finished my research on “distortion”. I am ready to respond to Buke’s question now.

I realize that I could answer these questions off the top of my head, and my response would be close to accurate. However I want to be fully accurate in representing the Confederation point of view. So it is worth it to me to do the research. I do not charge her for this research, just for the writing time.

In e-mail:

• I sent Gary notice that I was writing three friends for their new contact information. Their cards came back “unable to deliver”.

• I thanked Diane P for her gift of a very interesting book called The Magus of Strovolos. The ET info in it jibes completely with the Confederation message, which I find fascinating.

• I responded to Sydney S’s invitation to lunch together and share some girlfriend time soon enthusiastically and asked her to choose a day after January 6th. Sydney and I were friends all through college. She's remained an academic ever since, and teaches languages at U of Louisville.

• I sent Doris S’s list of open appointments to Mick and asked him to choose a day for us to meet with her. She is our business advisor.

• I answered Terry H’s question about distortion. Synchronistically, he had gotten stuck on that concept while translating the channeling session which was held on 12-20-1998. He will use that channeling – in Chinese – for his Christmas cards.

Mick and I had a lovely date tonight and then napped before coming down to dinner and some episodes of House. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.