Friday, December 12, 2008


As the cold and gloomy skies lowered, after Morning Offering Mick started in with his customers of the day to clean up the last of their leaves, clean gutters and otherwise winterize their yards. He had expected to be finished at 5:00 p.m. but found himself, at 6:30, cleaning the last of the leaves from a customer’s yard in full darkness. He said he’d gotten the leaves in piles and could see them as light against the dark ground, so he was able to finish. Power to the Mick!!

Meanwhile I consulted with Gary on good dates for two upcoming L/L Research Gatherings, Channeling Intensive 4, which we will hold from February 5 to February 8, and a special Gathering in memory of Bob Reidel, which we will hold April 17-19, 2009, here at Camelot. The Reidel Gathering will have the theme of “Get Ready for 2012”. It was the subject of the Williamsburg, Virginia, Gathering which he was trying to put together when his final illness overtook him.

After getting the dates squared away, I wrote the text of the next issue of our Gatherings Newsletter and sent it on to Gary for his additions – Gare keeps track of the many study groups around the world that are focusing on TLOO.

Still intending to polish off the old e-mail before moving ahead, I continued responding to older e-letters. I wrote to:

• Ian, letting him know that Micheline, in translating 101 into French, found a misspelled word. He wrote back immediately saying that he would correct that.

• Gary, letting him know that the announcement of the launch of on Christmas Day which Ian put up on our archive web site looks just fine. BTW, please do log on then, or thereafter, and surf around to see all the goodies! I think there are greatly enhanced opportunities there for folks to write in and join in the community of seekers who have a love of TLOO in common. It is good to have friends to whom you can talk about the things that interest you!

• Aaron T, asking her if she would like to do a project of formatting my poetry and talking about service to others.

• Rachel Christenson, assuring her that her video, which you can see at, was great and offering, when our site is up, space for her to blog or join in the forums and talk about “Be Yourself”, another song which she and Peter Wale have composed.

• Dianne S, thanking her for sharing a very uplifting video of “Stand By Me” at Try it if you’d like your heart to open wide!

• Janet, Anne and Juls, thanking them each for keeping me posted when Bob Reidel was ill and letting them know about the Gathering in his memory.

• John Player in Britain, congratulating him on the acceptance of his book, This Troubled Earth: A World in Crisis, by a publisher and saying that if he really wants to ask about the reptilians, he can form a question for Q’uo, but that the Q’uo group generally refuses to answer specific questions or questions which are an active part of a seeker’s process. I suggested that he ask what spiritual principles to invoke when thinking about this issue. That reference to spiritual principles generally gets the best possible response.

Mick, Gary and I had a most pleasant, quiet evening. Gary worked late, having a ball using features of the new site in its test mode, trying to break it if he could, so that any glitches will be repaired before the site's l/launch. He was enthusiastic about webmaster Steve E's work on B4 in the extreme, about as stoked as I have ever seen him!

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.