Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The day started out warm and dry but concluded with freezing rain and the promise of arctic air by tomorrow. Mick worked until the weather closed him down in mid-afternoon.

After Morning Offering I wrote my journals, luxuriated in chapel time and then spent my work day collecting quotes to use when writing my UPI article of the week. I am still going through Joyous Chee’s questions. His third one is on Wanderers, so I was steeped in what Ra said about them all day.

I had an appointment with my GP at 3:00 p.m., and Mick found the time to drive me through the worsening weather to it. What a treat! We enjoyed the chance to talk. We stopped in at Louisville Tractor on the way home to purchase calcium chloride for Mick’s four snow removal customers, and Mick spread it for them after he dropped me off.

After completing all of his customers’ jobs, Mick put in some time here, maintaining his equipment and cleaning the dirt off the eaves which landed there while he was removing the leaves from the gutters the other day. Our yard looks so pretty! It is ironic that it is only when winter comes that Mick has the time really to clean up our little acre!

I wrote Romi, who had sent me an e-mail concerning Dana’s book, thanking him for letting me know when he would be able to persevere on the scanning for The Alphabet Mosaics. He will spend a day right around Christmas doing the needed work! This is good news. He has been stymied for a while now, but has solved the problem of shrinking margins and is ready now to go forward.

I also wrote Ba, who wrote in with her Christmas news. Ba will have a family Christmas, with her sons and their families coming for almost two weeks! Ba has had a heavy teaching schedule all fall, but after Christmas, she will again go to Brazil to be with John of God, and this time, her husband will be with her! What a treat!

Lorisa had sent in a request for our permission to print a study guide for The Law of One. I was eager to give it, but discovered that she had quoted massively from TLOO without ever giving the first reference. By massive, I mean that almost the entire text of the first four volumes of TLOO was hashed up, divided into subjects, and all without a single footnote that led the student back to the work itself and the precious context that gives the quotes their larger meaning. I suggested that she apply the quotation marks and footnotes that would render her work a true study guide, for only then can I give permission for her to print that work.

I also wrote Gary concerning his idea of a section on B4 which would contain collections of quotes on topics from our archives. I think it is a great idea, and when he is ready, I offered to send him all my quote collections. I have a good many, collected while writing UPI articles and 101.

Lastly, Romi wrote concerning our equipment. One of our computers, whom we fondly call Growler because of his deep buzz when turned on, is still slow after he made his improvements, so Romi will most generously donate a slightly used computer with more memory to replace the Growler. I wrote to thank him, and to suggest that he, Gary and I sit down and figure out whether we want to keep Growler or donate him to charity. My guess is that Mel would enjoy having a computer in her room when she comes to town.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.