Sunday, December 14, 2008


What an enjoyable and unseasonably warm Saturday! After Morning Offering, Mick cleaned the kitchen and then did errands while I came upstairs to continue my office clean-up. By the middle of the afternoon I had finished the e-mail. I wrote:

• Gary, checking a couple of people who may not yet have gotten our Christmas cards because they were not in our database.

• Ian, thanking him for letting me know that Michele, our 101 cover artist, is currently moving and looking for a job, and consequently will be slow to finish the cover art.

• Tobey, arranging his family’s visit to L/L Research at Christmastime.

• Melissa, thanking her for sharing an e-mail from Michael Shane in Canada, who has been attempting to create a Law of One Community there. He ran into insurmountable obstacles with his first gambit and is now working on a second effort. Check it out at Shane recently gave our Avalon Farm enough mushroom plugs to try out mushroom farming in Kentucky.

• Wynn Free, thanking him for inviting me to speak on line by telephone to an Edgar Cayce group in Las Cruces, New Mexico in January and asking for specific dates.

• A dozen fans of my articles and friends, both personal and L/L-Research oriented, thanking people for kind words and/or sharing thoughts on personal issues.

It was terrific to see my Inbox empty for one shining moment! Then I finalized my Christmas Gift worksheet for 2008. I can put the Gift Booklet away now until 11 months or so from now! Whee!

I finished my afternoon by creating a new to-do list, intending, after I write my UPI article on Monday, to finish up the office clean-up by writing some thank-you notes and other snail mail.

Melissa spent her entire day wrapping presents, and one was prettier than the next. It means so much to me to have the presents we are giving so beautifully wrapped! And Mick spent his afternoon bringing Camelot's gardens to a fine state indeed! i took a walk around with Dan D. Lion McCarty-cat and enjoyed the beauty he had created.

Meanwhile, Gary spent much of his work day dealing with the site, testing it before its Christmas Day launch. He is very psyched about the site!

Mick and I shared a bath and then greeted Romi, who joined Gary, Mel and me for supper and the weekly L/L Research public meeting. Gary asked an interesting question on faith. I look forward to reading it when I edit the transcript. We included the Gaia Meditation prayer in the closing prayer of the channeling meditation.