Thursday, December 18, 2008


This was a hash of a day! After Morning Offering, Mick went out to do a couple of jobs for customers. When he returned, he wanted to do some personal errands. If my dear Stanley Outback is available, he generally uses it instead of his bulky truck and trailer. But Stanley could not start.

Fortunately, Melissa was here, and she and Jim figured out that there had been a rear dome light left on all night which had drained the battery. Neither of us knew that light existed, which was why, when Mick tripped it yesterday bundling the wheel chair out of the way to carry the tree home, he’d tripped it accidentally without realizing it. Oops! But a jump start set all to rights.

The crisis precipitated multiple visits by Mick and then by Mel to my office as they needed to know where the service book was, who sold new batteries and did they have one and so forth. Then there were more visits with Mel as we debated and then decided on some cookie, quick-bread and fudge recipes for her to use in baking some Christmas sweets, both for here and for those who have helped her this year with Avalon’s ancient and struggling tractor and truck.

It made for a distracted and unfocused day for me, although I did not mind the interruptions at all – we’re all in this together, and one job is equal to another.

I managed, in the cracks, to do research for two of Buke T’s new round of questions. I feel privileged to have these questions to answer, as she is paying the same rate as for counseling. When I work on them I get the double delight of immersing myself in the Confederation material and creating some income for L/L Research. I am working on her questions, “What is distortion” and “What if I met myself, living parallel lives?”

Melissa wrapped presents for most of her remaining afternoon, after helping with the Stanley crisis. We got together after Mick’s and my bath for a brief hour of conversation before I went to choir practice, where we are practicing Christmas music of the baroque era, lovely pieces indeed. Sweelink, Hassler and Scheidt join Bach and Rutter for a glorious ensemble of sound. Christmas Eve we will have brass and tympani also! Yum!

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.