Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Our day started early, since the weather was varying between snow, sleet and freezing rain. Mick got all four of his “snow removal” customers’ walks and porches covered with a layer of calcium chloride. In late afternoon he again made his rounds, spreading the salt again where it was needed.

After a somewhat delayed Morning Offering, I finished my journal entries, had some good chapel time and then tackled the UPI article on Joyous Chee’s question as to whether we were not all wanderers, since we were multi-dimensional beings. I finished the writing just as Mick called bath time.

Romi wrote to say that he was donating a faster computer than Growler to L/L Research, since Growler was struggling to handle all the QuickBooks and other software on it. He asked what to do with the old Growler. I suggested that he set it up in Melissa’s room in our basement. That way, she will have her own computer when she wants it, no matter who else is working on the downstairs computers. She does a ton of research and deserves her own machine.

When I came downstairs for our bath at eventide, I saw with delight that Mick had gotten our Christmas tree up and trimmed! It’s beautiful! However there were perhaps half as many ornaments on the tree as before. Mick told me that mice got into the ornament box. Up until this last Christmas, we used styrofoam pellets to cushion the ornaments. Foolish moi purchased a fancy ornament keeper box last year with cardboard divisions. Apparently the mice in our garage loft liked the cardboard and then liked the ornaments as well. I imagine they made some festive nests!

As Charlie Brown so aptly would say, “Rats!” Ah well, we will eventually have a fully ornamented tree again! I always give the tree an ornament at Christmastime. This year’s is a pretty, handmade star. And sometimes we get ornaments as gifts, too. Meanwhile, less is more!

Mick also spread around our other Christmas things, treasures saved from my Mother’s lifetime collection. She died in 1991, but her crèches and wreaths bring her back for me each year. Mom loved Christmas! She was the best ever at decorating tree, mantel and each and every package! Each year, the effect was prettier than the last.

Romi joined Gary, Mick and me for supper and the Gaia Meditation. We talked more about Mel’s computer, the old Growler, and Ro said he had a surplus monitor screen to donate so she would have a complete outfit in her room!

We also talked about Ro’s coming over sometime during the week after Christmas to scan the rest of the pages for Dana’s Alphabet Mosaics’ appendices. I was thrilled to hear it!

I asked the assembled about our usual Winter Solstice bonfire and wiener roast. We decided to have it in late evening this year, since Tobey and his family will not be arriving at our house until the evening. Romi will bring his Czech sausages, which taste and look a lot like bratwurst, some dark bread and some sharp mustard. We’ll mull some cider or mead and create something to go with the meat sandwiches. They do taste wonderful, burned and smoked in the bonfire!

Romi offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.