Saturday, December 27, 2008


The weather warmed up all day, but from dawn until dusk it remained overcast and lowering. After Morning Offering I spent a fruitless half-hour on the telephone attempting to make an appointment at the Spine Institute for an epidural injection of cortisone to alleviate a particularly painful flare-up of nerve pain in my neck and left shoulder but it was impossible to get off “hold”. Another half-hour in the afternoon produced the same results. It’s too bad, because the weekend is upon us, and I will not be able to get even an appointment, much less the injection, until Monday. Ah well!

My brother Jim sent me some photos of my youngest nephew, his and Kai’s son Wills. I thought Wills had inherited his Mom’s Asian eyes, but the new photos show no epicanthic folds. He’s a big baby! I teased my brother as to where the baby inherited that size! The Rueckerts are a small-boned, slightly built family. Jim is 5’ 8” and Kai, a native of Thailand, barely clears five feet. I am 5’ 4” and my other brother, Tommy, is 5’ 7”. Wills will dwarf us all someday!

Jim seems very happy indeed, for which I am profoundly grateful to Kai, a strong woman with excellent values. She is just what he has needed for decades! She is half his age, but contains more drive, energy and nerve in her little body than my amiable brother ever had. So the match is well nigh perfect. I think they have found true love.

Jim reports that Kai’s restaurant, now a year old, is solidly in the black and gaining momentum. This is super news, for they went deeply into debt in order to procure the building and start up the business. I suspect that Kai will eventually do so well with the business that Jim might even be able to go to work for her instead of teaching electronics. He loves to chat up the customers with his usual outgoing, genuinely friendly personality and good cheer. I am so thrilled that their gamble paid off for them!

I wrote half a dozen personal e-mails and then responded to Buke T’s latest questions. Then, feeling distinctly below par, I relaxed into a deep afternoon nap. When I awoke it was time to greet Morris, our L/L Research vice-president, who came over during his all-too-brief yearly visit to his Dad to be with us for the annual meeting. We had a quorum with Gary, Melissa, Steve T, Morris, Mick and I on the line. Jim had created a solid agenda and the meeting only took an hour! And we covered everything well. We will send the minutes of the meeting to the rest of the board next week.

We reported that our fund drive had netted $17,000+ so far. So we shall extend the drive into next year, since we need a good bit more than that to do business for all of 2009. And we were thrilled to report that is launched!

It was wonderful to be with Morris, a most beloved friend and partner in service to others! He is such an inspiration to us! He had all sorts of family obligations today and had to leave way too soon, but he promises to stop by for a strictly personal visit on his way to the airport as he leaves town. We shall look forward to that!

After Morris left, Mick and I indulged in a long whirlpool and then a sweet, slow, very exciting energy exchange. I went to sleep in the afterglow as usual, and Mick awoke me later for a late supper and the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered the closing prayer.