Sunday, December 28, 2008


Awakening at 3:00 a.m. with interstitial cystitis symptoms that kept me in the bathroom most of the rest of the night and continued arthritic symptoms of nerve pain in my neck and left shoulder, I found myself ready to accept Mick’s suggestion that I rest completely for the day. So while Mick and Melissa swirled around the house having a very productive day, I worked my new Christmas crossword puzzles from Mel and read the new Nora Roberts romance that Mick gave me and took it easy. By bath time, my symptoms had calmed down and I was able to channel tonight.

The two finished cooking the food in advance of my brother, Tommy’s visit with his family, which will begin tomorrow evening. We now have two complete meals of the normal sit-down kind, plus a wiener-and-chili meal to eat while watching football on New Year’s Day. We have salad and deli meats for lunches and bacon and farm-fresh eggs for breakfasts. We’re ready!

Mel packed away the turkey hash, herbed parsnips and curried wild rice that were left over from Christmas Eve and will eat that up on Avalon. We finished the work day with newly organized refrigerators and a feeling of readiness that's sweet indeed.

Melissa spent the afternoon shopping with her Wal-Mart gift card, given by Gary, laying in her supply of winter underwear and new socks and shopping around for other items on her list, to no avail.

Mick whiled away the afternoon hours doing his annual clean-up of Sibyl, his JLS truck. The truck is used hard all year for lawn work, and gradually his four carefully filled boxes of tools become jumbled and the truck gets dirty. By bath time Sibyl was all cleaned out and the inside scrubbed with 409. The four boxes, which cleverly fit the truck bed, were replaced, all organized again, and secured by the space bar. Mick’s ready to go for another year!

Daniel from Bowling Green, Kentucky, joined Melissa, Mick and me for our L/L Research meditation and study meeting at 8:00 p.m. We had our round-robin discussion and then chose a group question on whether we can learn wisdom from our teachers or whether we can only learn by our own experiences. It was an interesting question and I look forward to editing the transcript and learning more about Q'uo's response.

I offered the prayer for the Gaia Meditation at the end of our channeled meditation.