Saturday, January 03, 2009


Since the Craver-Rueckerts had expressed the desire to leave the house at 7:00 a.m., I was thrilled to have awakened, quite naturally, early enough to have my chapel time and write my journal entries before going downstairs to fix some coffee and hot water for tea at 6:45. However no one stirred. Finally, knowing just how crowded their schedule was when they returned to Falls Church, I knocked on Tommy and Mary’s door at 7:30.

When the family surfaced around 8:00, they decided to skip breakfast at Artemisia (drat!) and get on the road. I waved them off and found Mick just awakening, so we snuggled for a while and went right into our usual schedule. After Morning Offering, Mick set out on a full day’s work with storm debris, clearing a large, messy back acre for a customer. He took one load of debris to Avalon and he and Melissa dumped it where she needed it for erosion control off the edge of the access road and into the ravine. He spent the rest of the day splitting big logs for his customer and stacking them for her use. He still has another day of work to do there.

I came up to my bower office, the happy, chilly sunshine pouring into the room, and promptly fell asleep. I roused briefly and starting to update my to-do list but sank inadvertently into slumber once again, awakened only by hunger. After lunch I repeated the routine, spending some work time in napping twice. However I did finish my to-do list, which runs to one and a half pages single-spaced. Now I merely have to accomplish each task!

Gary asked me to look over his announcement to our full e-mailing list about our launch of, and I spent a most pleasant hour tweaking his work. Gary has a tremendous sense of humor, light and playful, and so my goal was to shape up the letter while retaining his whimsical style. He came upstairs when he received my edit and thanked me for doing just that, so I am satisfied that I did not quench his wonderful style.

I hope everyone will come aboard B4 and register, surf around with the forums and in general settle in to our L/L Research extended community. Our hope is to provide a good meeting place for people who, in their own environments, feel somewhat isolated and have no one with whom to talk about their interests.

I have set up a tentative date for live chat on January 10th, a week from now. If webmaster Steve can finish getting that software set up by then, we’ll have an open conversation. It’s something I have wanted to offer for a long time.

We have received a good many donations in the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and I thank all of those who were so generous! We are close to halfway to our goal for this year, a really good start.

We also received news today that Peter Schiffer, the publisher of the Law of One series, has died. He was always adamant about retaining all rights to our work and it has been a sad hassle since he never wished to do things we wanted to do with the work, like republish it in mass-market format for store racks, or combine all the volumes in one master-volume. Perhaps now the company will release its grip on our work! That would be marvelous.

After Mick returned home at dusk and we bathed together, we came upstairs for a lovely date. As we celebrate our 28th year of being lovers and friends, the energy between us continues to climb and intensify. This defies both our natural aging process and the popular cultural concept of passion that must cool with time. It’s a beautiful thing, and I attribute it to two things.

Firstly, Mick never asks me for a date unless things between us are clear and positive, unshadowed by issues or hurt feelings.

Secondly, we are very conscious of the sacred nature of sexual sharing, and are present, not only with each other but also with the Creator, as we come together. It adds up to wonderful, joyous fun. Thank you Lord, and thank you, Mick, my dreamboat forever!

Mick pried me out of the afterglow to have a late supper. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.