Wednesday, October 31, 2007


With autumn’s golden sun pouring into the office, after Morning Offering I came upstairs. Illness continues to make me un-brained and very weary, but I felt the need to work as I could, and by the end of the day I had edited two Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and the channeling session from September 22nd.

Before the Gaia Meditation, Gary, Jim and I sat down to reorganize the meetings schedule for the next twelve months. Gary simply cannot produce six meetings in that time and still keep up with other admin duties. We reorganized the schedule so that we will have three channeling intensives and the Homecoming on our plate, removing one Intensive and the Midwinter Gathering from our plate.

I was not graceful about doing this at first, but soon I could see that it was either cherish Gary and reduce the workload or work Gary to death and “have my way”. When I saw that, the decision became easy.

We offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end. Since Mick was as weary as was I, having power-seeded a big plot of lawn for a customer after removing ivy from it by pulling it out by the roots, we asked Romi to come over tomorrow instead of today, and went to bed early.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My second day of attempting to work again was moderately successful, a far cry better than yesterday’s total failure. Still feeling distinctly un-brained, I decided to do a bit of Christmas ordering and tackle e-mail after Morning Offering. So while Mick left to mow all day, I found just the final gift for Mick and ordered it on-line.

Then I worked with e-mail which had mounted up during my resting time. Here’s the list:

• I arranged with Dianne S to lunch with her at the Crestwood Women’s Club on November 14th.
• I let our web guy know that Blitzprint had indeed given us the refund they promised.
• I sent Steve E some statistics on our archive web site’s use which I thought might be helpful in determining what kind of forums/chat rooms to offer seekers on B4. By far the most “hits” go to the transcripts.
• I thanked Lance W. for a particularly thoughtful essay on staying in one’s integrity and living in oneness.
• I sent Steve E, who is in the process of creating the look of our activist web site,, an image which Hanasura made for me. It is, as are all of her wonderful images, empowering and enlivening to the spirit within. I hope he can use it. I also suggested to him that he look at all of her work, for the same purpose of finding good images for the B4 site.
• I wrote Hana to thank her for the image and to celebrate with her as she retires and is now able to devote herself to creative writing as well as artistry.
• I let Gary know that I found our regular bank’s e-service to be more expensive and less good than the service which Steve E. has already found and encouraged the use of Steve’s service for our site.
• I sent seven letters of thanks and appreciation to people who wrote in after my Columbus Day UPI article was sent around and sent them to Gary to send from his e-address. I need to keep this address up here to myself, so that my Inbox does not look like Gary’s!
• I thanked Barbara B for sharing with me a “fan letter” about the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. The dialogue sessions are not in book form yet, but the reader had found them on our site in their individual session format.
• I had sent an angel to Michelle M’s cat, Metta, at her request, and wrote to say “Hooray” to Michelle’s report that Metta was doing far better!
• I wrote Romi to ask him to help me download a piece of software which translates 2007 Word documents into a language which 2003 Word can read. I also asked him if he had ordered 2007 Word for us, as he had mentioned that he might.
• I OK’d Romi’s intention to halt the chat-room webcasting of our sessions after Christmas. Now that BBS Radio broadcasts them, our own little webcast is redundant. Romi will continue to record our sessions and send them to BBS but will not broadcast them in a private chat room as we had been doing. This will free him up to work on our computer maintenance and to improve our system. He wants to create a separate back-up drive which is not on our computers at all but is an external drive.
• I let Steve E. know that Gary had come up and asked me a slew of questions which are going to the e-bank which is hooking up with our L/L Research bank account and with our on-line secure-site store. Steve says once these details are plugged in, we should have the store up within the week!
• I responded to Steve’s question about whether we might want to use his e-service for all of our merchant service needs. I asked for details of how their e-service for in-home use would work. We often take charge cards here at the in-home office, on orders which come in from mail and telephone calls as well as faxes.
• I responded to an invitation from Wynn F. to co-host a conference-call talk show on BBS with a series of questions and considerations. It seems doubtful to me that an association with him will work for me, as his approach to channeling is casual and he actually says he channels Ra, which is patently ridiculous, since the Ra group themselves gave their parameters for channeling and he does not in any way meet them. I doubt that I can stay within my integrity and co-host with him. But I wanted to be fair, so have engaged in a dialogue.

Late in the afternoon I went through my records and made a list of all the items to include in the Gatherings Newsletter and sent it to Gary to check. I am shaky here, not having been engaged with the business of L/L Research for two weeks of illness, so before I try to write the newsletter, I want to be sure that I include everything that’s been sent in.

Lastly, I set up the database for using quotes in Chapter 9 of 101. I will start sorting the quotes into this database tomorrow, the Lord willing.

All in all, it was a fair day at work, and I felt the better for being able to re-engage. I still have the symptoms that have felled me previously, but am becoming more able to work around them. I am in hopes that the doctor’s appointment Thursday will help me become physically sound again.

Our redbud leaves are bright red now, and the surrounding foliage is still green, with some yellow leaves mixed in, as our late, late leaf-fall begins. Pupie’s stained glass piece, which hangs in the office window, has a clear inner part, the body of the central figure, and the vision of the leaves through the clear glass, with Pu’s beautiful stained-glass flowers all around, is just breath-taking. My heart just soared looking at it today.

This evening was enhanced by a wonderfully sweet date with my Mick, a lover as priestly and beautiful as he is just plain sexy. i felt wrapped in love, cherished and beautiful, and so did he. we prayed for a while in the afterglow, giving thanks.

Mick offered the prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation and we went to bed early.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Since I remained at home today, it was a very quiet Sunday for me. My only church was my prayer time with Holly, which was very invigorating and empowering.

After Mick cleaned the house and got it sparkling, we watched three films. First we saw Sally Fields and a good ensemble cast in “Two Weeks”, a sort of half-made, rumpled movie about a Mom dying of cancer and the relationships of the four children involved. Fields was excellent; the screenplay less so.

Next was Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni in “You Kill Me”, a po-faced farce in which an alcoholic hit man goes into AA and becomes sober again so that he can kill his victims on time. This one was slight, cute and quirky.

Finally, we took in Angelina Jolie as Daniel Pearl’s wife in the true story of his assassination by those in the Middle East who believed he was a spy for the CIA. It was a study in utter chaos, which I gather is quite true of the Middle East. It is a tragic story indeed and Jolie did a good job with her role, as did a large ensemble whose faces and names I kept forgetting in the hubbub of the constant action – telephone calls, e-mail, meetings, and street scenes, all in a whirl. I never got it all straight!

It was a good movie day in that we watched all three movies all the way through, and a lesser day in that I fell in love with none of the films.

My temperature edged up today, still low but nearing 100 F. Unfortunately, all the medicine I am taking notwithstanding, I am not getting better. My inner work is on remaining confident and peaceful, knowing that all is well. I was in prayer a good bit today, moving into that place of surety. It is so important to me to be true to my core, essential self at a time when the outer skin of self seems rubbed raw.

Mick was a total delight today, making me laugh, bringing me ice cream and wrapping all the rest of the gifts I have collected so far for Christmas. What a guy!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The sunlight came back today more strongly and the temperature continues to be moderate. Perhaps the incredible heat wave of 2007 has drawn to a close at last. You can read the weather in the leaves, which are still green, for the most part. Usually we are bare of branch by this late in October.

An overnight low temperature close to frost is predicted for tonight, so after Morning Offering Mick brought in all our house plants from their summer vacation outdoors. The mother-in-laws-tongue which lives in my office came in with a sweet pink spray of volunteer impatiens to enhance the pot. They feel very vibrant and happy.

I tried to work this morning, but my head is so muzzy that it was a lost cause. So I relaxed into healing and resting mode for another two days – we always have Sundays off now after cleaning the house/church – and will hope to be more the thing by Monday. Here’s hoping.

Mick went to St. Luke’s and mowed when he discovered that there was to be a big celebration there last night. They are so lucky to have him! Most lawn services would keep strictly to the schedule and not worry about how the church looks for special occasions, but Mick gave up his personal time to see to the place.

Carmen and Romi came over for the meditation meeting. We had a good talk around the circle and then a channeling. The question tonight was from me. I thought it would be good to ask the Q’uo group if they had any spiritual principles to share concerning the subject of Chapter 9 of 101, the indigo and violet rays, which I will be writing as soon as I am half better. I look forward to reading the session when it is transcribed.

Romi is having a hard time getting the webcasts for our private chat room working, and I suggested that he let that go. Now that BBS Radio is broadcasting the sessions – and in fact twice, 12 hours or so apart, so people all over the world can hear them – I think the private webcasts are redundant. He was very happy to agree.

We ended the day watching the Red Sox win yet again over the Rockies, and this time in Denver. It does not look good for the Rockies in this World Series. And that in spite of their having such great uniforms!

Romi left right after the meditation and Carmen stayed with us until we all began nodding off, around 11 PM.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


After Morning Offering Mick and Gary set out on their full mowing schedule while I enjoyed a final day of complete rest. It was accompanied by the noise of heavy machinery as the water company paved the half of our street which they had excavated in order to lay the sewer pipes.

I enjoyed hunting around on the net to find the two items I wanted to buy Mick for his Christmas presents. Other than that, I read and played solitaire. It was a very gentle, quiet day and I appreciated the sunshine that has begun to reassert itself into our watery landscape.

I am puzzled by not having gotten better. Indeed, in some ways, and overall, I feel worse than when I first began taking doctor’s orders to rest for a time. I am still feverish and ear-achy, and other symptoms queue up behind. I usually heal up more quickly than this. I look forward to talking with the specialist next week.

Mick and I offered the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, and we enjoyed a lovely date together before bedtime.

Friday, October 26, 2007


What a noisy old day! Huge machines lumbered up and down our little, four-home-long street, cleaning and smoothing. I think they are planning to repave the road tomorrow, for by their quitting time, our street was scrubbed clean as a whistle. That will be great! Since June we have endured rough roads and roadblocks everywhere, while the water company installs sewers. I do not think we can hook up to the sewers until the whole neighborhood project is done, but at least we will be able to drive better on our little street.

This is my next to last day of resting upon which I agreed with the doctor, and it concerns me that I feel just as muzzy-headed as ever. But I do have faith that things will work out, and I so look forward to getting back to work!

Other than ordering a few Christmas presents and writing Talitha L, I enjoyed a leisure day with solitaire, puzzles and reading. Mick and I offered the Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying at the end. Gary got the new issue of the Light/Lines Newsletter sent e-mail to our send list and printed out hard copies for our prisoners and others who do not use computers.

We took in some baseball, watching the Red Sox beat up on the Rockies, but not so soundly as last night. It may be a one-sided series. Perhaps the home advantage will help the Rockies in the next game. I know my brother Jim, who lives in Denver, is rooting for them.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Another day of resting passed pleasantly. The house was cozy, glowing against the gray skies that came with the light rains that fell most of the day. I finished my note to Papa and looked through a couple of gift catalogs, working on my Christmas list. For the rest of the time, I read and worked puzzles.

Mick and I shared Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end.

I am now on a new regimen of medicine and have an appointment next week with an ear specialist. That is reassuring, as I continue to feel very muzzy-headed. But angels surround me and all is well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This was a day of teeming, glorious, massive rains. While we watched the incredible fires sweeping through the California coastal area, we at last ended the local draught well and properly.

Mick and I offered Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation as pretty much all of our service for L/L Research today. I did do some e-mail and celebrated the wonderful start to our matching funds campaign for 2008 operating expenses. An extremely lavish donation of $2500.00 has kicked the campaign off wonderfully. And others are joining in. Praise and thanks to all!

I continued to talk with our archive web guy about the embarrassment of riches on site. We have both a Russian translation and a French translation coming in, plus Ian says there is much else which he wishes to do to upgrade the site. We left it that he would create a list of all planned projects on site, and then we would get together by phone and talk through prioritizing them.

I decided that this resting time would be a good opportunity for me to plan Christmas presents. Before I purchased any gifts, I wanted to wrap the good presents I had already collected through the year. At the end of the afternoon, Mick helped me by doing some wrapping as I sat beside him and noted to whom each gift was to be given. It’s good to get a start on that.

I also started a letter to Papa, who I fear may be in the way of these fires out in California. Gary was kind enough to create a CD for me of my UPI articles, channeling and journal entries since my last letter to him so I can send that to him as a way of keeping in touch. Papa does not have the use of the Internet, as the secret service of our country makes it impossible for him. He is on one of those really toxic "lists" and has had attempts on his life. So he keeps a low profile.

Carmen brought me some of her homemade Mexican chicken soup to help me heal, a very kind gesture and good soup!

Mick was able to sneak in one job in a lull in the rains, removing a decorative fish pond for a customer. Other than that, he was rained out. However as always he was a busy bee, working at maintenance and acquiring supplies for jobs coming up as well as a missing set of nuts and bolts for the mulching plate on his smaller mower. He has now planted almost the entire yard in tulips and says when he's planted the ones he got today, he will be almost finished. I look forward to seeing that beauty next spring!

When he came home we bathed and then enjoyed the food which Mick brought back from the annual “Anchor Fest” fall celebration, so we could keep the tradition going even though I am house bound right now. After we enjoyed our bratwurst, beans, slaw and brownies, we had a lovely date and rested in the afterglow until 8 PM, when we had arranged a visit with Romi. He came bearing wine and Mick set out some cheese. We enjoyed conversation and then an episode of “House”. We said good night to Romi at 10 PM and went to bed thereafter.

My earache and low fever continues, and my medicine has run out. I shall need to call the doctor again in the morning. If the practice does not respond then, I shall need to make another appointment, which I hate to do, since Mick does not want me to drive while feeling poorly. That means I would have to hitch a ride and take up his time, which I am loath to do. I hope they can just extend my prescriptions.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It rained almost the whole afternoon and evening, a blessed respite from draught and a creator of subtle beauty as the dimness of the outdoors offered a sweet contrast to the golden glow of our lamps.

We offered the Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation as always. I continued with the personal prayer time and writing in the Holly Journal. It feels as though it is a very good discipline. It does still feel like a discipline. I would like to get to the place where I begin to want that time with Holly. The results are certainly sweet. I was floating on love by the end.

Other than writing in the Camelot Journal, I naturally did very little, as I am resting faithfully. My sleep was terribly disturbed. I never shut my eyes until 5 AM, but did then get a couple of hours of rest. My body is going through stomach flu and I was in the bathroom about every 15 to 30 minutes all night. So my consciousness was muzzy all day. However, I was wakeful.

My heart was at peace today, content to offer the resting. That is a good change indeed.

Ian called just to check in. It is always such a blessing to share energy with him. I was trying to recall just how long ago I got his proposal about putting up a web site for us. Perhaps it was around 1991 or so. In that time, our site has burgeoned and is still growing at a rate I would never have imagined.

Our latest new departure has been the translations of the Law of One information which have begun to come in. Terry H’s Chinese translation is up. We have people working on a French translation and a Russian translation. I am surprised that there is not yet a Spanish-speaking one, since our country is rich in Hispanic people but that is how Spirit works. Not by straight roads. Not logically.

Mick got rained out in the afternoon, but had hustled and gotten his mowing done. He had maintenance chores to do, and went to the nursery for more tulips for our yard and grass seed for a customer. Our tulips are Mick’s best advertisement for Jim’s Lawn Service. People simply marvel at the beauty each spring and his gardens here are appreciated greatly by the people around us. As well, of course, as by us!! I look forward to the best spring ever, as Mick is planting tulips in the back garden as well as the side garden. In past years we have concentrated solely on the front garden.

We spent a quiet evening watching Monday’s block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes and took our beds early.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I am doing better today, after a long four and a half hours of sleep, probably aided by having vodka in the evening. I do love that spirit! Perhaps I was Russian in a recent incarnation. The taste is spicy and delicious to me, whereas to others, it seems medicinal. If I were not fully aware of the dangers of daily drinking for a child of two parents both of which have alcoholics hanging from many branches of the family tree, I would stay merry! As it is I am careful not to drink daily.

I started a new practice today, a daily time of deep, solitary prayer time before starting the public part of my day by writing a Camelot Journal entry for the previous day. Holly (my Holy Spirit) had suggested that I ask for her after the prayer time, converse with her and heed her Word.

I was awkward, trying to find a good form for typing the conversation. It would never do to try to write the words by hand, as even I cannot read my handwriting sometimes. I settled on switching from Book Antiqua font when talking as myself, a font I like to use all the time, to French Script MT when Holly speaks. Things went more smoothly after that was decided. I know this discipline will help support my outer work. So it is very much worth the extra time. I think this need for deeper prayer support is why I fell ill.

My sense is that I am still far below par physically, and I shall need to cancel Shelly H’s counseling appointment again, as well as my haircut. Rats.

Mick and I whiled away the afternoon and evening with movies, interspersed with naps. We saw “The Mistress of Spices”, a film of intense and unforgettable beauty, one I recommend for those who like films that do not go anywhere precisely, or have a big plot, but play with ideas, ideals and values. Aishwarya Rai was luminous as the eponymous Mistress and the scents and sounds of India filled the screen. Dylan McDermott was a very satisfactory love interest and played to Rai with intimate, nuanced skill. I had not seen him be so good before.

“Lucky You” was next, a film about poker and love and Las Vegas. A slew of stars were part of the ensemble, many of them not even noted, just showing up. It was very engaging. However gaming makes me nervous so I read a book and half-attended. At that remove I loved the film. The sound track was terrific.

“Next” was next. This was a fine action film, once one accepted the premise, which was that Nicolas Cage’s character could see two minutes into the future. I recommend it highly.

We offered the Gaia Meditation before calling Mom McCarty and went to bed early.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


It being Saturday, we slept in. I had a good four hours of sleep, a record for the last little while. After a leisurely Morning Offering, I rested except for writing in my Camelot blog and writing an e-mail to Gerri G, answering a question about distortion, as the Ra group uses the word, and welcoming her to come to Louisville soon and spend some time looking around for a dwelling, as they plan to move here.

Melissa was here doing her laundry and such, and taking some R & R in the form of watching a movie or two while I sat and read and Mick did his many chores, cleaning the kitchen and planting more tulips in the back yard chief among them. We shared a wonderful take-away lunch from Ruby Tuesday's that totally satisfied my red-meat craving. My body really thrives on red meat and the food felt quite empowering.

Mick and I watched the UK football game later, a heartbreaker with a couple of bad calls against Kentucky. They lost by a touchdown in a handsome game which was fun all the way through.

Melissa left just as we sat down to a small supper, headed for Avalon and her beloved chickens.

Mick and I offered the Gaia Meditation and had a date, exchanging much strengthening energy and ending with a meditation and “Om-ing”. Holding hands, Mick returned to his football while I stayed with the angels. I am not sure which of us was closer to the Godhead, but it was close. The afterglow lasted until bedtime.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


What a day! Again, for the fourth night in a row, I had not slept except in half-hour patches. To boot, I had developed an ear infection, in addition to the bronchitis, as well as a case of stomach flu, so it was back to the doctor today after Morning Offering to investigate whether there might be some help from that direction in removing the three ice picks which had inserted themselves into my right ear, eye and throat and, in general, calming the storm which had overtaken my body. Hopefully the medications offered me, which I began taking this afternoon, will tame the body drama.

I received strict instruction to rest – not absolute bed rest, but couch-potato rest – until NEXT FRIDAY. My toddler within, already having a conniption about missing my work, my beloved work, moved itself from the depths of my being to the immediate surface and threatened to take over my personality. I have spent much time in prayer today. Holly, as always, is very helpful, but I have more praying and processing to do. Fortunately I shall have the time to do it!

It is funny how we react to catalyst. The ear-ache gives me the sound of my pulse in my right ear, a whup-whup-whup that sounds just like a helicopter rotor going around. I notice it with far more aggravation than it warrants, whereas I am more stoic about the general body schmear. I’m encouraging myself to think of it as a friend keeping me company while I rest and recuperate.

I and my helicopter greeted Melissa, in from Avalon, at the evening and we watched “The Firm” on the tube, offered the Gaia Meditation and sought our beds thereafter.

Friday, October 19, 2007


It rained early again this morning and again in the evening, very blessed events! The earth is so parched that it did not stop Mick from mowing, which was handy for him.

My condition has somewhat worsened, with an earache and a sore throat, plus tummy woes, added to the bronchitis. I called the doctor in the evening, when the nail piercing my right ear got severely painful, and the doctor on call said I could either go to an Immediate Care Center tonight or see them first thing in the morning, as from what I told her, she felt it could be either the flu or an ear infection, and the treatments are different for those. I opted for seeing the doctor who already is familiar with me and my case. Hopefully they will be able to take me at the start of their day tomorrow.

It is interesting to watch myself deal with this catalyst. On the surface, I know well that my job on such days is to maintain good cheer and the knowledge that all is well. And I do that. Underneath, in a corner of my psyche somewhere, there is a little girl banging her feet and fists on the floor and having a tantrum about wanting to get back to work. Unless I do a miracle turn-around tonight, I will be finding that little girl and ministering to her tomorrow!

We offered our Morning Offering and Gaia Meditation as usual and stretched at lunch time. And I did do a tiny bit of business, writing Ian about our Blitzprint concern and Romi about BBS business.

Other than that, I was relaxing and resting all day and evening. We hit the sack at 11 PM.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


We had some rain before dawn, a lovely sound, and Mick said he mowed dust-free today! He headed out to do just that after Morning Offering and I had a second day of impromptu resting. Although my condition seemed to worsen, I think it is just the natural progression of the bronchitis and that I am turning the corner now.

The challenge for me today was keeping my thoughts clear of anxiety about getting back to work. I am fully aware of things backing up and my getting behind in my intended schedule of items finished. It is not just the 101 book, but correspondence with people important to the work of L/L Research, getting timely writing done for the Gatherings Newsletter and editing on A/Q.

So it is good catalyst for me. As always it is easier to welcome after some good prayer time!

The day was unremarkable except for a session of love-making with my beloved Mick which was blessed by a beautiful violet wave pattern that seemed like a cloak, waving all around us. I thought to myself that it will be good to take up the subject of sacred sexuality in 102.And indeed in this upcoming chapter, I will touch on the subject. I do look forward to being back at work.

We offered the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM and said good night at 11.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The complexion of the world changes a bit when one is thoroughly under the weather, as I am today. There is a pleasant haze over everything and the world seems fluid. As well, when I can hear my own pulse – because my ears are closed shut with swelling – I am ever more aware of my vibrant life and its output of energy. These are the more interesting up-sides of an otherwise somewhat dismal case of bronchitis.

I cancelled my UPI column for this week and choir practice for tonight and tried to cancel my counseling session with Shelly H for tomorrow, but for some reason my e-mail would not send to her. I shall need to let her know when she calls tomorrow of my indisposition. I feel badly about that. Yet to counsel while feeling this way is not a professional thing to do, as I am somewhat un-brained and not my usual alert self.

I went to the doctor this afternoon and he pronounced the diagnosis of bronchitis, which sounds better than the “choir bug” which I had been calling it! Other than canceling everything on my schedule for the next week, which is what the doctor suggests is the length of time I need to rest, I did nothing useful whatsoever except maintain a sincerely felt and stout cheerfulness, knowing that this is my best "being" gift to the world when ‘doing” is out of the question.

Although I got no sleep last night, I did nap off and on all day and caught up quite a bit.

The only TV Mick and I watched this evening was Democracy Now. Yoko Ono was interviewed about her work for peace, global warming and “green” consciousness. I never can figure out why celebrities affect dark glasses when conversing with an interviewer. It’s distracting. Yoko’s specs were clearly just for show, as they were half-glasses over which she peered rather like a little vole looking over the rim of a teacup.

I also noted that Amy Goodman continues to have no expression on the right side of her face. That side of her lips does not move, although she is able to speak quite clearly, thank heaven. Boy, would I hate to lose her voice, upon which I depend for the most clear daily news around. I have seen no notice of what condition has affected her face. My first guess would be Bell’s Palsy, which my brother, Jim, has. It has improved markedly through the years, although he still smiles crookedly. I hope Amy is able to recover as well.

Mick and I offered the Gaia Meditation and sought our beds early, delighting in our repaired upstairs TV, which allows us to wind down to sleep without my having to get up at bedtime. It is a far more organic pattern for us and we are most grateful.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I slept very little last night, being nearly unable to breathe, my throat having swollen closed. I gave up the attempt at 3:30, turned on the light and read “A Woman of Independent Means” and patted kitties until it was time to write my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday. Half the choir was absent yesterday at St. Luke’s, all having come down with the same respiratory bug, and I seem to have caught it also. What a stunning lack of originality!

After Morning Offering I found the last of the sessions from our sixth Aaron/Q’uo weekend in my Inbox from Judy R and took that on for the morning. At 11 AM Gary and I had an appointment to receive a call from Chee, in Singapore, and his co-website-founder, Lee. They have created We had a good conversation, arranging details of how they would use my work in their e-zine, both my articles and our channeling sessions. They seem like very service-to-others- oriented light beings. It was good to share energy by telephone, although normally I really dislike phones. They do come in handy when half a globe separates us.

I was delighted to have Mick’s company for lunch. He has a kind of lull this week, as the grass has gone on strike in the draught and the leaves have not yet started falling in such profusion that his customers want them mulched in on a weekly basis, and so his mowing duties are light this week, having been full last week. It does not help our exchequer, but I love having more of his company.

In the afternoon I worked on the second draft of my outline for Chapter 9 of 101, finalizing that. Next, I shall arrange the quotations database for that chapter so that as I get to each part of the chapter, the quotes that apply are all in one place for me to consider. It is mechanical work and a good thing for me to do while I am feeling distinctly slow-minded and slightly drugged, as fevers will do to me.

I had an unusual assignment from St. Luke’s and tackled that after I finished arranging Chapter 9 to my satisfaction: write a letter about how much I love St. Luke’s to three of my fellow parishioners. It was really fun, as I do love St. Luke’s dearly. They have welcomed me and made me feel as though I truly belonged to this community of worship in a way that is so full of spirit I cannot express it. It is a very special place, brimming with love and energy.

Ian had asked me to change the text a bit on our thank you page, because I repeat myself, explaining both in the donations and the volunteers sections that we did not go back beyond 2006, for fear of missing people – we did not used to have such good records here at L/L Research! Only since the advent of Gary and Pam have we been able to know just whom to thank! I, left to myself, am faulty as a record keeper. So I combined those two caveats for him. It is great to have that Thank You Page up there, so when one clicks on “So you want to help L/L” the first thing one gets is the thank you page, and only after that a list of things with which we need help.

I also fiddled with the text for the Operating Funds Campaign blurb, following Gary’s suggestion about our official address and adding a paragraph about the day-to-day work of L/L Research. It should be up on site soon.

I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow and look forward to feeling much more alert and with it soon! As for this evening, Mick and I spent it very quietly, enjoying dinner and a good conversation with Gary, the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying at the end, and watching Jon Stewart and some episodes of Star Trek Enterprise which I had not seen before, which was kewl. Bedtime was 11 PM.

Monday, October 15, 2007


The beauty of the outside world today was a blessing indeed! Autumn is at its loveliest right now here in Kentucky and were it not for the continuing draught, it would be perfect. However the dusty truth is that the draught continues to deepen. My poor Mick comes home each working day so covered with dust that not only his cap and clothes are gray, but his hair and face also. He cleans his mowers after every job and changes the oil at least weekly to preserve the engines. These conditions are tough, and we are now officially in a state of emergency.

Fortunately, today was the Sabbath, and other than going to church and singing “Ave Verum” and Psalm 111, my responsibilities were few. I did write a bit of e-mail. Ian, our web guy, had our next Light/Lines Newsletter all ready to publish except for the title, and I suggested “Becoming a Magical Entity”. He liked that, and I expect the newsletter will be up on site tomorrow.

I finally heard from the International UFO Congress producers. I had not known that Terry Brown, the former co-producer with her husband, Bob, had died this last year after a bout with cancer. Nor had I known that all the addresses were changed. Because of these delays – I was writing wrong addresses for a couple of months – I may not get invited to speak this year. The speaking roster is full. However, I am now on a short list of people who can step in if someone does not choose to accept their invitation to speak.

They have not heard back from three speakers yet, so I have a shot. I know that if I am meant to speak this year, it will work out. I do hope I am allowed the chance to have a voice there, as I think the UFO research community is in a position to appreciate what I think are timely sentiments from me.

I also firmed up a date for lunch with Dianne S the day after she speaks with her husband’s doctor. Her husband's epileptic condition is worsening in some aspects and she rather urgently needs medical aid for him. He is now beyond being aware of just how much he has lost in terms of intellect and memory, so his best hope for a good life is Dianne’s continued devoted care for him.

Mick and I had a movie afternoon, as has been our wont recently. We enjoyed “Resistance”, with Bill Paxton and Julia Ormond. It was a slight film, yet well done and with its own integrity. The theme melody was reminiscent of "Godfather", haunting and sweet.

We next attempted to enjoy “The Galindez File”, but were so hampered by our lack of knowledge of Spanish that we gave up after about 45 minutes. There was English only sporadically, and there were no sub-titles to help us along. When I pulled out my book of crossword puzzles during yet another long spell of Spanish conversation combined with torture on-screen, Mick decided to take the film back to the store and get another film he had liked when he was choosing films there.

He came back with “Yellow”, another charming small film with excellent values in ensemble, cinematography and costume. It outshone its rather tepid screenplay and the Puerto Rican scenery was most eye-catching and colorful. Roselyn Sanchez was outstanding as a young dancer and Bill Duke gave a very interesting performance as an old and bewildered poet. The theme of the movie strikingly reminded me of “Flash Dance” two decades ago.

I was well enough when I awoke this morning, but as the day wore on my throat started closing and by bedtime I was concerned about breathing. I believe I am beginning some sort of flu or cold. I drowsed the evening away and we offered the Gaia Meditation with me barely there! The kitties outdid themselves in being affectionate and we had a sweet and quiet evening before seeking our beds at 11 PM.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Ah, Saturdays! Mick and I sleep in until a sinful 8:30! And it is so good to sleep with this cooler weather. Fall is proceeding gracefully and very slowly this year, probably because of all the late warmth. And the color is beautiful, which rather surprises me. I would have thought the severe draught would have caused the leaves to go brown. But oranges and yellows abound, and red upon the maples.

After a leisurely Morning Offering, Mick prepared a turkey to bake. I wrote the blurb for our operating funds campaign. We hope to raise enough to pay our bills for all of 2008. If we can do that, then when donations other than that come in, we can earmark them for the many new projects in the works that are awaiting funding. Our Board has offered to match funds, so we only need to raise $15,000.00 from general donations. Our overhead, with Gary at the admin helm, Pam at the bookkeeping desk and Melissa caretaking Avalon, plus all other office expenses, is $30,000.00. I am told that this is a tiny budget for doing all that we do, and of course that is due to all our volunteers!

At noon, Carmen arrived and I took her to Ruby Tuesday’s for her birthday gift – the meal. And it was soooo delicious. She topped her meal off with an amazing chocolate cake, without a candle but with all my best wishes for a happy year ahead. That is a challenge, as she was fired this week, and must again seek employment. We’ll be praying for that!

I spent the rest of the afternoon, and a short one it was, as Carmen and I had lingered over lunch, catching up e-mail.
• I let Janet I know that the OLOROMO exercises were on their way.
• I tried several times to send Carol C Romi’s contact information but that feature is not working on my computer. I ended up cutting and pasting his e-mail address and sending it to her that way. She has promised to help Romi learn about how to find and apply for grants.
• I talked with Dianne about her husband, who is an invalid, and we set another luncheon date for the day after she talks to his doctor.
• Wynn F had written a thoughtful letter about future collaboration possibilities. He still thinks it would be grand if he, David W and I could get together on a project, as we all love the Law of One. I wrote back that David is uninterested in any project besides his hoped-for movie, so we needed to count him out. However, I offered him a couple of possibilities. I suggested that we collaborate on a Q and A show on BBS, or that we collaborate musically. Wynn is a good musician, plays the guitar and has many original songs that he has created through the years.

Mick called up to say that the bath was ready, so I put Jenny Traveller, my beloved laptop, to rest for the night and sailed into the evening. We bathed, relaxed and had dinner together with Romi and Carmen before having our regular public meeting. That was slightly delayed because the Kentucky-LSU football game went into three overtimes and was such a gripping game that we needed to watch. Our patience was rewarded when Kentucky won over # 1-ranked LSU. It was a beautiful thing!

As we talked around the circle, we found that there were challenges for some of us in the group, and so our group question was about how to remain inspired in challenging times. It felt like a good session – of course one can see for sure only when the transcript is ready to edit!

However, we are very sad to find that our chat room failed for the second meeting in a row. This is unacceptable and I asked Romi to look into buying a private chat room for these modest webcasts, as we did last year. Steve E had assured us that this freeware did a good job, but it’s been a real loser and we want those few who tune in faithfully to the live webcast to be rewarded with hearing the session. Romi said, “I’m on it!”

The meeting ended around 10:30 and Romi took off immediately to get some sleep. Carmen stayed a bit longer, watching the football wrap-up program with us, and then she too left. We stayed up until midnight enjoying the many mentions of Kentucky’s upset before saying good night.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


It was a spectacularly lovely Friday! After Morning Offering Mick and Gary worked at their long jobs of mowing and crunching leaves, then Mick came home and did his weekly maintenance on the mowers before loading up his trailer with a huge stack of firewood which Melissa can chop to stove length and store at her leisure. Mick has enough seasoned wood already stacked at Avalon to last her for this winter.

I spent the morning writing my comments to include in the Light/Lines Newsletter for Fall, 2007. After lunch, I came back upstairs to read through the session Mick chose for this issue and found that the edited session had disappeared. After an hour spent fruitlessly trying to find my editing job from yesterday, I gave up and did it again. I got the session and the comments off to our web guy to publish by quitting time.

In the cracks, I did some e-mail:

• I wrote Steve T and his wife, Sara, offering sympathy for Sara’s loss of her second parent in six months. That is a very rough thing to experience!
• I OK’d B4’s getting server time from a server we pay, as opposed to having a volunteer give us server space, since the volunteer won’t be able to do this after all. This is actually good news, since we have been waiting a month and more for this volunteer to follow through with the CSR protocol. Now our secure site and on-line store will be up shortly!
• I wrote Gary, giving him a heads-up on the Gatherings Newsletter, which I will be working on next week.
• I sent Carol C Romi’s contact info. He is the Board member in charge of looking for grant funding and Carol has much experience in that area.
• I wrote to thank for refunding the purchase price of my birthday blouse. Now that is generous, as they never received it when I sent it back for an exchange. I can recommend this company to anyone for the excellent customer service.
• I wrote Dianne S. to thank her for our great lunch together and also for a very uplifting e-mail message she had sent.
• I wrote Daphne K to thank her for her kind comments about my Columbus Day article.
• I responded to Gerri G’s good letter in which she asked for permission to discuss some things with me.
• I thanked Gary for forwarding to me two e-mail letters from Micheline, who is presently translating TLOO into French. It turns out she, too, loves to sing sacred choral music, so we have that in common, as well as our mutual love for TLOO.
• I wrote Aaron T to thank her for sending me lots of good information about getting our books into Borders Book Stores.
• I thanked Janet C for her very kind words about the Columbus Day column.
• I asked Lindy T how Dick and Greta S were doing, as she has just talked with Greta. Dick, Greta and Lindy were all part of the mind Link of 1977 at Andrija Puharich’s, in which Don and I took part.
• I thanked Bob for offering to make a run to Avalon next spring with all the lumber he has stored at his house in Ohio, and reminded him to keep all receipts for renting a truck and travel expenses so that we can give him an L/L Research tax donation receipt.
• I thanked Steve M for forwarding me a good article on the “Bagonaut”, who is an activist trying to raise awareness on the issue of using recyclable grocery bags instead of the ecologically disastrous plastic ones.

Mick and I enjoyed a very quiet evening. We offered the Gaia Meditation, which me giving the closing prayer, and watched Forrest Gump until bedtime at midnight. The cats were especially cunning tonight, with Pickwick licking on Chloe and all three cats in our laps constantly.

Friday, October 12, 2007


After Morning Offering Mick went off to garden for his customers wearing his first long-sleeved shirt of the season, and even a jacket in the early morning, while I in my sweater came upstairs to edit the session we will include in this fall edition of Light/Lines Newsletter. I finished that and sent a “head’s up” note to Gary that if he wanted anything included in my comments for this edition, he needed to send me an e-mail. I also asked him for the “Who Am I?” quotes that did not make it into my UPI article, so that I could include at least portions of them all in our Gatherings Newsletter, which I’ll be working on over the weekend.

Dianne Stoess and I went to J. Graham’s Café at the Brown Hotel for lunch, and a most enjoyable place that was! We had a window table and could watch the street scene, from which soundproofing had removed the noise, while we ate and chatted. Girlfriends are the best as far as supporting and encouraging one! And our food was delicious and beautifully presented. It was a great time!

In the afternoon I finished my second run-through of the 30+ pages of quotes I am using for developing the outline of 101, Chapter 9 and made my first rough outline. It feels good to be coming along on that.

Around the edges of the day, I did some e-mail.

• I asked Gary to do a search on OLOROMO on my old computer, Growler, before going to the trouble to type up a new digital copy of those Eurhythmy exercises I am sending to Janet I. I do want to keep that sheet on hand for reference.
• I chatted with Bob R about his decision to continue working for the railroad. He reports getting healthier as he gets older! “I must be doing something right!” he said. I agree, Bob! Perhaps it is all the loving vibes you send out.
• I thanked Gary for nailing down Shelley’s counseling session time, which is Wednesday at 10:30 AM. I also thanked him for forwarding me a copy of an article on Susumu Hashimoto. He looks like a good candidate for a Difference Makers UPI article, being an all-is-one holistic farmer.

Mick and I had a lovely, long, HOT bath and then an equally hot date, after which we decided to forego watching TV and just hang out for the evening. We had a good, deep conversation and patted kitties, offering the Gaia Meditation at 9, with Mick praying at the end, and seeking our beds at 11 PM.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


What an exciting day for our little part of the scorched earth of Kentucky! The high temperature today was below 70 F! It barely made it into the 60s, in fact, and was ten degrees BELOW normal. Hallelujah!! Tomorrow I wear my first sweater of the season.

After Morning Offering, Mick set off to mow while I finished editing the interview I had with Marcia McMahon. At last! Due to Marcia’s habit of not creating complete sentences in her speech patterns, and my desire to have a smooth "read" on our site, it was a long edit job, but it came out OK. Not that Marcia did not ask good questions - she did. I always knew what she was saying. it just looks better on the page to have complete sentences.

Mick was home for lunch, always a treat. He departed afterwards to take a big trailer-load of limbs up to Avalon for use as erosion control in our feeder creek’s ravine, along the access road. His habit of doing this seems to be helping the problem quite a bit.

I spent my afternoon largely working on Chapter 9, finishing the first reading-and-pondering of my quotes database and starting through the second time, identifying each quote by subject in marginal notes. I will create my chapter outline from these notes.

I had several exchanges of e- mail today with Renee C, my new UPI editor. She found some facts in my article on Columbus Day which she felt needed softening, and I was glad to agree with her, as I would not want the point of my article to be blunted by questionable details in the story.

I have a counseling session with a new client either next Wednesday or Thursday. I wrote Gary to enquire if he had discovered which day works for her.

Lee, partner of Chee at, wrote asking about polarity. I sent him Chapter 2 of 101, which is all about polarity. This is a test! If the material answers his question, then the chapter is well written. Here’s hoping!

I am still dickering with Sierra over my birthday blouse. Their agent claims Sierra never got it, which I suppose means I have lost the blouse and cannot get an exchange. Bummer! It was a very expensive blouse, soft as silk but made of fine cotton, which Mick had gotten at a considerable discount and I loved it.

The "Democracy Now" folks wrote to say they are sending us two D-N T-shirts. Mick will be tickled! I wrote to thank the agent.

Dianne S, with whom I am lunching tomorrow, wanted to go downtown to eat, so I suggested to her three nice places to go.

Ian wrote to say that he has been talking with Blitzprint about the cover of our Book of Days. He pointed out to them that they should have used a certain process which makes a clearer, sharper image than the one they used. We had paid for the sharper image. They offered us either a re-print at their expense or a refund. I suggested that we find out how much they are willing to pay for their mistake before deciding. We could use the money for other projects, after all, and the cover looks great to me. But I was not in the publishing business for years, as was Ian. He has an eagle-eye!

I sent Gary my publicity shots which I had taken for Book of Days, so that he can create a publicity blurb for the site.

I wrote Bob R to get Janet I’s address and other contact information. I found the sheet of OLOROMO exercises which I previously could not lay my hands on, and I wanted to send her a copy. the Q'uo group had recommended them to her in a channeling session at Mackinac Island.

Mick and I had a very peaceful and restful evening together, after our bath, having CSI on in the background while talking of many things. I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation. Mick commented how good it would be to have our upstairs TV back! The repairman comes again tomorrow, hopefully to install the parts the TV needs and get it back to good operation. We patted kitties extensively and sought our rest at 11 PM.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What a heavenly sound to awaken to: rain! It was just a pitter-pat and did not rate even “a trace” officially, but it heralded the end of our long-lasting heat wave! It was only 82 today, and will be ten degrees cooler by tomorrow! How sweet it is!

After Morning Offering Mick went off to do chores and a bit of mowing, which is becoming leaf-crunching more than grass-cutting as autumn’s bounty falls. I spent the morning and the early afternoon writing an article for UPI on changing Columbus Day to Remembrance and Reconciliation Day. Very coincidentally, Eli E had just forwarded me a brilliant essay on Christopher Columbus by Thom Hartmann. He writes so well and so cogently. I think I will subscribe to his on-line newsletter. If you are interested in checking him out yourself, his address is His material fit in beautifully with what I wanted to say.

I spent some time in the kitchen at lunch time, as I was finishing up my previous lunch items today and needed to prepare another luncheon dish for tomorrow and thereafter. I wanted to use eggs, since we have lots and lots, courtesy of Avalon’s chickens. I found some sausage which we must have bought for a gathering and then not used. I defrosted that and made a baked dish out of sausage, onions, eggs, lots of herbs and cheese. It looks good! We’ll see how it tastes tomorrow.

I continued working on the violet-ray quotes, making notes as I go. This chapter will be such a pleasure to write! The indigo and violet rays are all about faith, hope, focused desire, sacred sexuality and living in the spirit. The challenge will be to cover them well without going into too much detail. I will have a whole book to do that with, as I am planning a three-book series. This book is “the bullet”. 102 will cover the lower chakra issues like sex, family and work and 103 will cover the higher chakra issues like meditation, journaling, dream work and prayer.

In the edges of the day I did some e-mail.
• I noticed that Mick’s "Democracy Now" T-shirt had holes in it and wrote to ask that fine organization for another one. We are regular monthly donators, and deserve a T-shirt now and then! And Mick’s a walking advertisement, wearing them as he mows.
• I wrote Dianne S, working on finding a good date for lunch.
• I wrote Carmen T inviting her out for a treat on or around her birthday, which is October 17th. Mick told me, or I would never have remembered! I am atrociously bad at remembering dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
• I wrote Pupie to express my deep enjoyment of her beautiful stained glass piece. Jim hung it over the weekend and it is just stunning in my bower office with the morning sun shining through it. It enhances the whole feel of the room.
• I wrote Elihu to thank him for sending me that dandy article on Columbus Day and told him I used it immediately.

Bath time came all too soon! We had a very quiet and relaxed evening. Jim offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation and we said good night at 11 PM.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


While the temperature rose to 96 F, after Morning Offering Mick went a-mowing and a-clearing while I came upstairs to work on a little e-mail. I wrote the Sierra company twice, as they have thoroughly mixed up my exchange of a birthday present I sent back in late July. I hope that this exchange of e-mails with their service department takes care of it. Jim gave me a beautiful blouse and I found it to be too small. I would really love to receive it in a larger size. Here’s hoping!

I wrote Gary asking him to provide Chee with some publicity materials for my articles on his site, I also wrote him concerning our “Thank You” page. I think we have finalized it now! It will be good to get those gratitude waves flowing out to our volunteers and donors.

I wrote Ian thanking him for doing such a splendid job on archiving the Homecoming 2007 materials. He made one PDF file out of all the study quotes for all the chakras, a handsome 90-page document for people to study if they wish. He included our curriculum, a link to our group photos, other photos and my blog for those days as well. It’s beautifully done!

Dianne S had written to ask me out to lunch, and I accepted, telling her what days I was free.

Gary had checked with to discover if they had any of our books left to sell and we had a few Wanderer’s Handbooks and Book V’s of TLOO. He asked me if I wanted to retrieve them or let them sell out, and I suggested we let them sell out. We have withdrawn out books from because they take such a deep price cut that we lose money on Book I and make only pennies per copy on the others. Hopefully our fully secure on-line store will be ready to launch on the new site soon.

For the rest of the morning I edited on my interview with Marcia McMahon on her BBS Radio show, “Peaceful Planet”, this last June. I got about halfway through the 27-page job. I am very glad to have this material to put up on site, as she asked me a lot about 2012 and this information seems of interest to many. She really appreciated getting a more upbeat view of the times ahead, and I believe others will as well.

Melissa had come down from Avalon to do town chores like laundry and filling up her water bottles, and she and I went on an errand run and had lunch at a favorite burger joint of mine, Frisch’s Big Boy. They make a good burger and have the best cole slaw in town. I purchased new ice trays, finding ones that advertise being easy-out for the ice cubes. We’ve used our old ones for maybe a decade and they have started to break apart and become unusable.

My afternoon was spent in a most pleasant way: perusing the quote collections which I had made for indigo and violet rays and musing about how to arrange Chapter 9 of 101. I got a little way into the violet-ray quote collection, making notes as I went.

Mick called bath time all too soon, for I was having a wonderful day and almost wished I did not have to stop work! But leisure is good too, and we enjoyed a bath together and then a sweet date. Both Gary and Melissa took off and Mick and I supped together, offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, and enjoyed Star Trek Voyager episodes until bedtime came at 11 PM.

Monday, October 08, 2007


It was desert-hot this Sabbath, breaking another century-long record for the high by four degrees. Fortunately St. Luke’s decided to go for broke and cooled the church down to 70. It heated up fast in the chancel, it being a small chancel, packed with the choir, acolytes, chalice bearers and clergy, and higher than the rest of the congregation, but still it was not so hot that I needed my fan.

We sang “Look Down on Me”, a sweet 17th-century anthem by William Byrd, and chanted the psalm for the day to beautiful effect. I read the first lesson, a prophetic utterance of Habakkuk’s about the end times. John A, a choir member and also the Senior Warden of the Vestry, preached a lay sermon on giving, as it is pledge time again. All in all, it was a most enjoyable service. Meanwhile Mick cleaned house, as is his Sunday morning habit.

We rendezvoused for lunch and a movie, starting, but not finishing, "The TV Set", a comedy about getting a pilot of a comedy sitcom on the air. About an hour into it, Mick asked if I was into it, which I was not, and we decided not to watch the rest, so I don’t know if David Duchovny’s character got his show on the air or not. There was nothing wrong with the film, exactly. Sigourney Weaver was marvelously killing as a TV executive whose manipulations are dressed in wide-eyed innocence and fueled by acid reflux and Duchovny was excellent as well. The show just limped.

We decided to treat ourselves to ice cream instead of watching the rest of the film. Then we drove around, checking the lawns Mick is to cut or not to cut tomorrow (mostly NOT) before coming home and diving into the second feature of the day, a grimy, sad movie called "Even Money".

We did watch this one to the end, largely because we both fell asleep, not at the same time, so we could not have a conversation about whether to bag it. It had solid worth in its ensemble. The problem for me is the subject. It was, as the title suggests, about the woes of gambling addiction. I am indifferent to gambling for money. I ritually put a coin in a slot machine when I am in Vegas and lose it. Whoopee. That simply does not seem like fun to me. And certainly it did not end up being fun for Forest Whitaker or Danny DeVito, who suffered either maiming or death by the end of the film. Kim Basinger was remarkably good in her performance as an ungrateful, unlikable character who lies and steals in order to lose money, as were Tim Roth, Kelsey Grammer and DeVito and Whitaker.

Jim had two kitties on his lap, Pickwick and Chloe, and so stayed in place and napped for a time after that before rising to do a few household chores. I enjoyed my Sunday round of solitaire.

Then we watched the brilliant, luminous, complex film, "The Couple", our decided hit for the day. It was a story of how a Jewish industrialist with enormous culture and wealth, played by Martin Landau, bargains with the Nazis to exchange all of his worldly goods, including a castle and a vast art collection, for safe passage to Switzerland for himself and his extended family, plus the couple who serve as their butler and maid. I recommend this film highly. The shadowy cinematography and haunting music underscored an artistic conception that rang with integrity and sang with subtlety.

In the middle of the film, we had our supper. Afterwards, we sat for the Gaia Meditation and Mick offered the closing prayer. We called Mick’s Mom and then just hung out with the kitties until bedtime at 11 PM.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


After Morning Offering Mick worked with his mowers, switching out blades, and then took off on his Saturday round of errands while I dealt with e-mail. We had a good lunch together and a fine, long one it was, with some football and a nap thrown in.

Mick stayed with the football while I applied myself again to e-mail. By bath time, I had actually emptied my Inbox. It’s a banner day! It has been months since I managed that feat. Here’s a quick report. I wrote to:

•, which company owes me a blouse. They needed and got more numbers from me as to the original order.
• Julian D, discussing the nature of job burn-out and congratulating him on doing such a fine job with the Alzheimer’s support people in California.
• Romi, sending him a suggested rewrite on the material on the site about L/L Research and me.
• George K, thanking him for his offer to help with writing 101 and declining it, and also wishing him well on his new book project.
• Gary, asking him if he knew how to retrieve books which we still have at
• Bob R, thanking him for his offer to buy us some forum software and assuring him that I checked with Steve E, who says that he already has software he likes better, for when he gets B4’s forum up and running.
• Ruth M, thanking her for a beautiful quote called “Desiderata”. Let me share that with you! “Go placidly amid the noise & haste, & remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly & clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain & bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for the in face of all aridity & disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue & loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the tress & the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive that to be & whatever your labors & aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”
• Aaron T, thanking her for sharing some personal thoughts.
• Anna H, thanking her for working on an L/L Research gathering in Norway someday.
• Chee, adding him to the send list for my UPI articles.
• MJA, thanking her for two letters about Dana Redfield, who has been showing up in her dreams.
• Paul C, thanking him for a startling video from Zeitgeist.
• Gina J, asking her if I remembered to send her a copy of A Book of Days, which I promised her when she wrote me a blurb for the back cover.
• Lindy T, letting her know I’d joined her list of friends on MySpace.
• Vara L, asking her if she and her fiancé have tied the knot.
• John P, responding to various thoughts on suicide and family matters.

It felt splendid to be caught up for one shining moment. I doubt I shall experience the same condition again this year!

Mick and I bathed and got ready for our public meeting. Romi and Carmen joined us for that. Romi was kind enough to set up for recording the extra session of channeling we had at this meeting. We are planning ahead so that in December when we will miss being able to record sessions both on the second and fourth Saturdays, we will be able to send BBS our regularly scheduled broadcast material.

After our talk around the circle, we settled on a very interesting question about cycles and the spiritual seeker. Jim quoted from the end of TLOO Book III, where the Ra group talks about becoming the work rather than doing the work.

After the session, Romi offered his Love Tea and then had to leave, as he had early plans tomorrow. Carmen soon followed him. Mick and I finished watching the Tigers claw past the Gators and Nebraska lose to Mizzou before saying goodnight.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


The heat wave continues! After Morning Offering Mick set out on his Friday jobs, and since he did not have Gary as he normally does to assist him, he said he felt fortunate that the draught has kept the grass from growing, so that he was able to do all his yards by just touching them up and taking care of early leaves. Still, he was not able to come home for lunch.

I spent the morning editing the channeling session from September 8th, our first one of the new season, if one does not count the special meditation we had as part of Homecoming. It was an interesting discussion of the place of personality in a spiritual seeker’s life, responding to a question which Carmen asked. After the main question was answered, Romi asked Q'uo if those who would hear or read the session in the future were actually a part of the session, and they said that from the time/space perspective, the answer was yes. That felt very good to me.

After a late lunch, I did a bit of e-mail. I sent Gary a heads-up and request for more information on the Gatherings Newsletter which it is time to compose. I wrote Karen K at MacDuffie offering copies of my books for their Alumni Auction event, which offer she accepted later in the day. I wrote Sierra Trading Post inquiring about a blouse, a birthday present from Mick last July, which I sent back to exchange, but the exchange for which has never arrived. I wrote Chee offering what I felt I could to help grow his web site. I thanked Lance White for the fun it was to be on his show – he interviewed me recently. And I wrote Rev. Charles thanking him for his letter on my article on the Jena 6.

Feeling slightly more caught up on e-mail, I turned to the delightful and very absorbing task of reading through my quotes on indigo ray and planning how I would approach writing that chapter. I was expecting a visit from my old friend, Beth P, but somehow I did not hear her knock on the front door. When we finally connected by telephone and I found that she had thought I was not at home - Mick had taken my car to a routine doctor's appointment - I offered to come visit her at her Dad’s house instead. She is here taking care of him for a while and leaves tomorrow for Nova Scotia, so I did want to get together with her.

After Mick arrived home, we bathed and had a delicious date, and then he offered to visit Beth with me. It worked out well. Frank, her father, is a football fan so Jim and he watched Louisville play a faulty game – pitiful was the word Frank used – while Both and I had a comfortable coze and I saw all her photos of her darling grand-daughter Anika.

Anika was less than two pounds when she was born, and both she and her mama, Beth’s daughter, Raina, almost died during the very, very premature birth. Fortunately Mom and Baby both have recovered very well and Anika is a darling, sunny, healthy little indigo. Just this week, at five months old, she was given her official birth date, so that she will be in the right grade in school developmentally later on. Lucky gal! Two birthdays every year!

After we arrived back at Camelot I worked on the last of my New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles while Mick took in some more football, and we patted kitties and said good night at midnight.

Friday, October 05, 2007


As the day heated up to 90 F, Jim left after Morning Offering to dance with the garden devas while I came up to my bower office to finish editing the Homecoming meditation. That done, I dealt with some interesting e-mails.

One thread, which went back and forth due to Chee’s instant responses, had to do with a site in Singapore, Ian had been contacted by them, as they were interested in putting our work up on site. Ian wrote me and asked if I would be interested in that. I looked at the site and it is quite handsome and well thought out, which good materials. It is in English.

I wrote Chee and made contact. Chee immediately wrote back and asked if I could provide for them special channelings and articles. I suggested that he send us questions which we can answer in our regular group meetings and that he use my UPI articles, or ask me for articles on the subjects he wants covered and I will write them for him as well as UPI, thus keeping me from adding more work to my already packed schedule.

Then I took up Gary’s work on the Thank You page. We have decided to include on both sites (given that the B4 site is up soon) a page of gratitude for our donors and volunteers. I edited his lists and then wrote blurbs for them, and sent him the material. He will not be able to get to that until Monday, when he returns from his visit at the Omega Institute to see John of God.

I wrote Steve M to thank him for his report on the first meeting of the Chicago LOO Study Group, which is being held at the Theosophical Society. He will write up a formal report for the upcoming Gatherings Newsletter. The first meeting was small but enthusiastic and they are talking about coming to one of our channeling meditations later this fall.

Lastly, I worked with Melissa’s Avalon Report, answering her questions and forwarding the report to Mick for his perusal as well. She has now started the tractor! This means that she has devoured everything there is to know about that tractor, for our Mel is a mighty cautious woman, which is a true survival trait in the near-wilderness of Avalon Farm.

After a most pleasant lunch with the Mick Man, and our stretching exercises, I did some preliminary work setting up Chapter 9 of 101 and printing out and reading the collections of quotes on the indigo and violet rays. These two chakras are the subject of that chapter.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon clearing clutter from the office. Sticky notes disappeared, items were filed or moved where they should go and by bath time my office was tidy again, except for snail mail, which still sits in a growing pile on my desk.

At 7, Carol and Dean C came to take Romi and me out to eat at the Captain’s Quarters. We had a lovely visit. They were in town to do a workshop on polarity. Carol has worked with grants before, and Romi is the Board member responsible for seeking grant funding for L/L Research, so he picked her brains and she promised to send him more material as well. It was a fascinating and far-ranging conversation with two people who truly wish to serve and make a difference.

I read and did crossword puzzles after we returned, while Mick watched UK get beaten by the South Carolina Gamecocks. This will not be an NCAA year for undefeated teams!

We said goodnight at 11 PM.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


As the weather heated up again, Mick went to work after Morning Offering to mow and garden while I came upstairs to work on editing the Homecoming channeling meditation. I got all but three pages of that done. Tomorrow will see it finished. It is mostly on channeling, and is an interesting session.

Aaron T sent me a couple of paragraphs from one of my letter tapes which were loaded with musical terms she did not know and I unscrambled them for her. The simile they were in was interesting, and it makes me glad that she is doing this long and hard labor of love. She is on her last batch of the 150 or so letter tapes that I sent out while I was unable to sit up or use my arms, back in the late ‘80s.

I was talking to someone about figuring out what issues were important in his life and who he fundamentally was. The simile was to a musical piece called a fugue, which has a couple of melodies going at the same time, plus a repeating melody in the bass line. The repeating bass line is the underlying essence of who one is, and the two melodies in the fugue are the important issues. It is a handy way to think about the self in a way which shows that it is important to remain harmonious and address issues in a way which is compatible with who you really are.

Kudos to you, Aaron and Joan T, dear sisters of my heart. These two have single-handedly knocked out the whole archive of these letter tapes in the last couple of years and I am so glad to have them up on our archive web site for use as a resource by seekers.

I also collected a delectable-looking recipe for black beans and squash and sent that off to Gary to place in our recipes database.

Mick was able to share lunch with me today, always a treat. I get such a buzz from his company! We did our stretching routine after lunch. Then Mick was off for one last job of mowing and then clearing away a wild area for a customer while I did a bit of office work. I ordered a couple of books on dyeing for Melissa as well as the 2008 Farmer’s Almanac, using up a gift card from Those are the handiest things to get, because Amazon is like Alice’s Restaurant – you can get anything that you want!

The books on dyeing are to use as we determine what natural dyes can be made from plants native to Avalon. Our vision of the future there includes having llamas and perhaps other kinds of goats as well and shearing their wool. it seems as though a fully bio-dynamic wool, dyed in local dyes, would be a good product.

The Almanac is for use as we make a modest start on gardening at Avalon, once we have resolved the problem of irrigation.

I also ordered a sonic scrubber which claims to do a far better job on grout clean-up than conventional scrubbers. We have tons of grout in our bathrooms and kitchen, so Mick thought we might give the gadget a try.

Then it was time for me to go to Absolutely Salon and have a pedicure and a manicure. That is such a delightful luxury! And a necessity, too, for my nails have a tendency to ingrow, being round rather than flat across the nail, and growing to the side as well as upwards. Bethany, my new nail tech, keeps me well groomed.

I got home just in time for a bath. Mick had just planted some tulips in the front yard to enjoy next year, and says he will plant some more tomorrow and then again as he can find the time, until we have renewed our tulips all over the yard. Unfortunately tulips, unlike daffodils and jonquils, do not last or naturalize. Every three or four years, we have to replant the tulips if we want their glory to greet us in the spring.

After a very interesting Democracy Now show, where they showed a good bit of footage from the Blackwater hearing, I was off to choir practice, getting back just in time for the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered the ending prayer. We watched a brace of CSI programs, patted the kitties and bade each other good night at 11 PM.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


We awoke to a more clement day, with highs only in the low 80s, a welcome but temporary reprieve, since 90s are predicted by the weekend again. But today was just about perfect, with the roses nodding in the breeze in our side yard and the leaves starting to fall.

After Morning Offering Mick left for a full day of work, not to be seen again until eventide. I spent my morning hours writing my UPI column for the week. I decided to do a Difference Makers article on The Reverend Angela Peregoff, a Science of Mind minister who offers a Monday-through-Friday “Morning Blessing”. It is a free offering, and I have greatly enjoyed her daily readings, which are unfailingly positively oriented. Her philosophy marches well with the Confederation’s – all is one and that one thing is love. You can subscribe by going to her site,, and subscribing online. I greatly enjoyed honoring her.

Most of the afternoon was spent reading through Chapter 8 one last time before declaring it finished. I can move on now to Chapter 9! It will be super to tackle the last two chakras, indigo and violet. I am not giving violet ray its own chapter because there’s not much to discuss, since it is basically a read-out.

I did a little e-mail around and between other things. I had gotten a new transcription which my computer, which runs Word 2003 currently, could not read. I sent it to Ian to unscramble for me. It turns out that it was done in Word 2007. Why Microsoft would neglect to make the 2007 version translatable by earlier software is beyond my limited understanding, but I suspect it is a ploy to make everyone buy Word 2007. May I say that stinks? We have, as it happens, already committed to updating to Word 2007, because Romi has access to non-profit prices and can get the software cheaply for us. But what about the millions who don’t have a way to buy an inexpensive update?

Microsoft, you get the Goat of the Day award from me.

I wrote Steve M, who has a LOO study group in Chicago. He wrote, asking for permission to bring his study group down to Louisville for a meditation meeting some time this fall. I welcomed that, and told him that if he did, we would be glad to have a special afternoon session of Q and A as well as including them in our meditation meeting that night.

Gary had sent me his final version of our Thank You lists for donors and volunteers and was concerned about getting that done before he left to go see John of God. I wrote him to tell him to have a good trip. We can finish the Thank You page when he returns. He is most excited about the journey.

I sent Bill Hay Chapter 8 and also Steve M’s contact information. Those two constitute the heart of our Development Committee and they are planning a Matching Funds Campaign to gather the money needed to pay our bills in 2008. It should kick off soon. The Board is matching the funds donated, which is most handsome of them.

Mick and I had a bath and relaxed with a Star Trek Voyager episode before having our supper. Mick got a pizza urge, so Papa John made our dinner tonight. Romi came for a visit in time to snag a piece. We offered the Gaia Meditation together, with Mick offering the ending prayer.

We discussed our channeling schedule for December, not immediately finding a solution to a glitch, in that both the second and fourth Saturdays in that month are problematic either for Mick and me or for Romi. We did not come up with a solution before he left, but Mick and I continued talking until we had found a good solution. We will schedule the needed meetings ahead of time, and that way BBS will have its new channeling sessions for broadcast as scheduled, which is the professional thing to do. Meanwhile we can fulfill our other honor/duties when we need to do that.

Mick and I said a fond good night at 11 PM.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This is a big day for me personally, as it is the first day where the month is in double digits. Happy October! when we hit this day, I know the year is a dead duck! Christmas is just around the corner!!! It’s still hot and dry here, but the leaves on our dogwood and redbud trees are turning beautifully anyway. It must be all that good watering which Mick has been so conscientious about doing all summer.

The draught has really affected the birds. Our bird feeder was emptied by this evening and Mick just filled it yesterday. We shall all need to take special pains to provide for our feathered friends this winter, as the fruit trees got blasted by a late freeze last spring and are not producing fruit. Birds give us so much beauty and song! We shall need to give them back some good seed for their little feathered bodies this winter.

I edited on the Homecoming channeling after Morning Offering while Mick sailed off to his mowing and gardening work. I got it about halfway done. My morning work time was shortened by the repairman coming to behold - not repair, sadly - our upstairs TV. It turns out that a pair of something buffers or buffer somethings, without which the TV cannot work, are bad. He was able to ascertain that the TV itself is in perfect shape.

The repair will cost $515. I had a long discussion with the repairman, who encouraged me to junk this TV and buy a new set instead, as I can get a replacement for under $1000. I listened carefully to his suggestions and reasoning, but it made little sense to me. Why replace something I can fix, just to have a longer warranty? It sounded like conspicuous consumption to me.

We shall have to wait until October 11th in order for the parts to come in, so I shall continue having to rouse myself at true bedtime to come up to bed, instead of meandering upstairs at 10 PM or so, as we normally do, catching one last TV show up in my bedroom while heading towards the Sand Man.

I took a bit of time to follow up on Mick’s and my talk with Bill H by sending him my quote collections for the Mackinac Island Gathering talks, since he was interested in 2012 and all the dire predictions he has heard from others. He wanted to know what the Confederation is saying. I also sent him my speech on the outer aspects of 2012’s shift. I do not yet have the first speech, on the metaphysical aspects of the shift, back from the transcriber.

Mick was able to stop by Camelot for a quick lunch and I greatly enjoyed his company. He then took off speedily for a packed afternoon schedule while I came back to the upstairs office to work on Chapter 8. Mirabile dictu, I finished it! I shall have to read it over one more time tomorrow to catch the little things that always escape a first reading, but the writing is done. Praise the Lord! And onward to Chapter 9, in which I will finish discussing the energy body by looking at the indigo and violet rays.

Mick and I had a restorative whirlpool and bath and then a delicious date. We rested and talked in the afterglow for a while and then turned on the TV and watched a block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes while we supped. I prayed the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM. We said good night at 11.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Mick’s and my Sabbath was a little different today, as I had two services to sing instead of one. The choir sang “Poor Old Laz’rus” at the 11 AM service, which was mighty fun to do, and then sang a variety of pieces for a funeral of a beloved choir member, Harry S. We offered two pieces from the Messiah, “How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place” from Mendelssohn’s “Elijah”, Darke’s Mass and a rousing rendition of "Amazing Grace" with trumpet and descant. Somehow, I managed to sing every high note, by God’s good grace. Thank you, Lord.

It was so hot in the chancel that I found myself sick and faint. and it was a long, long service! However, our hearts were full and we received many compliments on the singing.

I was designated to stay afterwards for the reception and did so, becoming extremely weary and developing all manner of aches and pains that put the damper on the rest of my day. However I would not have missed any of the love-filled time together with Harry’s family. They had numerous slide shows prepared and a banquet of good food, enough that we could all make a full meal of it. At the end, I brought home the extra salad Mick had made – we wanted to be sure there was enough – plus a bonus meal of ham sandwiches and cupcakes.

We ate our supper while watching a film called “Seraphim Falls” that only a devotee of the Western genre could appreciate. It was an unending emergency for poor Pierce Brosnan, who played a Civil War officer who had inadvertently killed Liam Neeson’s character’s family in the midst of a questionable sortie. David Von Ancken, who wrote and directed the film, is to be praised for an air-tight screenplay. But the unending blood and gore, the casual carelessness of the killing and the lack of let-up created an emotional numbness and fatigue for me which lessened my appreciation for the excellent ensemble and wonderful scenery.

I was weary and sore in SO many ways, so I confess that I did nothing more useful than to doze for most of the rest of the evening, rousing for the Gaia Meditation, for which Mick offered the closing prayer.

We called Bill H, returning several of his calls which we had missed in the classic way of telephone tag. Bill and we chewed over the matter of mounting a matching funds campaign for L/L Research’s operating funds in 2008.

Our needs have escalated since we took on much-needed staff a year and a half ago, so we need to raise upwards of $30,000.00 to cover our obligations for the next year. The fact that all funds will be matched is hopefully a powerful incentive, and we sincerely hope that those seekers who find our work helpful will join in with helping us pay our bills.

Mick and I ended the evening with watching some CSI episodes and, in my case, napping. I will be glad if the repairman can fix my bedroom TV so that at the end of the day I do not have to wake up in order to climb the stairs to bed! We said our final prayers and bade each other a fond good night at 11:30.