Saturday, May 31, 2008


Please wish Mick and me a happy 21st anniversary! We started our day by exchanging beautiful cards. And then we had our Morning Offering.

Jim spent our red-letter day by working a full day’s mowing with Gary and then digging up a large section of clay dirt for a customer (oof, grunt!)and replacing it with well-worked loam, aged manure, sand and other goodies to make a really good planting bed for annuals. Then he planted some lovely Korean impatiens which really made their lawn pop!

Two mowing customers had extra chores for Mick to do, so he was a bit late coming home, but he was elated that he had gotten everything done before the rains came in. We enjoyed a needed soaking rain, starting soon after he arrived home, which lasted for the evening.

Meanwhile I spent my work day processing Steve M’s comments on Chapter 11 of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. As always his comments were entirely apropos. It was especially important to have his input in this chapter, as its content is advanced choices for the Lighthouse-Level Player.

I have worked with these concepts so long that I inadvertently used some non-mainstream words, and Steve had a large number of suggestions for bringing the text to the far more understandable level of basic mainstream vocabulary. I took at least ¾ of his suggestions and felt that the chapter was improved tremendously.

When I finished the comments I wrote Steve that I was going to miss his comments when we finish the last chapter, a very short one. This process has been a conversation and Steve is a fascinating conversationalist with many life experiences which I lack completely, his educational path being science and mine the arts. He gets sparked by my thoughts and shares many interesting thoughts which expand my horizons.

This was picky work and the chapter is the longest in the book, so the work took me all day, but it was a terrific day for me and very well spent!

Mick and I came back together at eventide for a restorative whirlpool and a powerful sacred energy exchange, followed by a short and refreshing nap. Then we went downstairs to welcome Romi, who is continuing to work on the large project of updating our computer system. Gary had been cooking the recipes for next week and the house smelled wonderful!

We all dined together after our labors and enjoyed the Gaia Meditation, with Mick offering a beautiful closing prayer of gratitude.

Friday, May 30, 2008


The banner headline for the day is that I finished the database on channeling for Channeling Intensive 2! It comes to a bit over 200 pages, far too much material to study at one Gathering. This collection of quotes on various aspects of the channeling process will last our circle for many Intensives. It feels wonderful to get this done! I have a host of transcripts backed up to edit, and now I can get to them with a clear conscience.

After Morning Offering, Mick set out on an extremely full day of gardening and mowing and topped it off by taking Fielder to Louisville Tractor, as it again refused to start. He loves Fielder’s 6-foot cut, but it has certainly had its share of problems. On his way home he got stuck in a traffic jam, as the nearby east-bound I-64 had been closed because of a huge accident and all the rush hour traffic was rerouted right down our little village’s streets. He finally made it home somewhat after 6:00 p.m.

I took a bit of time at the end of my day to write a letter to my brother Tommy, responding to a beautiful note he sent me last week.

I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


We enjoyed a cool and sunshiny day by going down to the river and lunching on some fried chicken and frog legs, slaw and fried green tomatoes at Chick Inn, an ancient and honorable restaurant-bar on River Road. I have been craving their fried chicken for a month at least. Bob R joined Melissa and me for a great feast. Bob then treated us to a dessert at the Captain’s Quarters, just down the road from the Chick Inn. I wanted Bob to see the river view. We had such a good time!

We also talked some L/L Research business. Bob wants to sponsor an L/L Research Gathering later in the year with a focus on 2012, the new paradigm and "instructions for the ground crew", as he puts it. He had originally thought of doing this in Williamsburg in order to enjoy the colonial aspect of the town, but he was talking a good deal about a lodge in Copper Bay, Michigan, far north on the Upper Peninsula. It is remote but lovely, he says. I will ask Gary to look into the logistics of getting there. If it is do-able by public transport, it sounds like a good venue, with excellent food, good rooms, a new convention facility and quite unspoiled.

Bob also wants to donate an old, heavy-duty truck to L/L Research. We talked about how to get it here. Melissa, who has chickens to pick up in Cincinnati in late June, spoke of going up to Toledo on the bus and driving it down then. It would be a great boon for Avalon to have a farm truck. Melissa will look into licensing and insuring it. Bob will look into getting it running, as its battery has died.

Around the edges I worked in my office while Mick mowed and mowed some more, finishing his day’s work here and then driving down to Steve F’s estate near Shelbyville and mowing his 4 acres. He saw a couple looking carefully at the place while he was there and is hopeful that this chore will soon be taken off his hands as the property sells.

After Morning Offering I absorbed Steve M’s comments on Chapter 10. I was delighted that he liked the chapter so well! Only two more chapters for him to read now! Ah, bliss!

Then after lunch I continued collecting quotes. Our database on channeling, culled from our session archives, now runs over 180 pages! And I am only up to 1991! I may not finish this job before Channeling Intensive 2! But we certainly have plenty of material, regardless.

Mel continued to work on my bedroom ceiling, getting the drywall covered with spackle for a second and thicker coat. She also did some office work. And as Mick was having trouble starting Fielder, our six-foot-cut mower, she got new spark plugs for it, checked the gap and installed them, so Fielder starts right up now.

I attended the last choir practice of the summer before joining Mick for a quiet evening. I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It was a day of gusts and sprinkles, a real steam bath for Mick as he set out to dodge the raindrops and do his work after Morning Offering. He came home triumphant at the end of the day, having done several extra chores for two customers that made him late for bath time.

He came in laughing over the ironies of life. One of his customers, an elderly British-born widow, is very fond of Jim and always wants him to sit and talk before he leaves. This drives him bazoo, as he is in gear to mow and gititdun – but he obliges her regardless and sits with her and converses. He has done this for 6 years. Today, the talk came around to my psychic surgery experiences in the Philippines and Mexico. She stopped him and put in her hearing aids. “Wait a minute,” she said. “I want to hear this.”

My working day was divided by a delightful lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. Bob R was in town and Gary, Melissa and I met him there for a powwow on a possible L/L Research Gathering that he will sponsor. Nothing was decided, but Gary shall investigate the possibility of a Gathering in Colonial Williamsburg later in the year. Bob wants to home in on 2011, the new paradigm and its implications for the “ground crew” of attendees. It might be fun to talk about that!

Before and after that gustatory planning session, yum, I collected quotes for the database on channeling. At the end of the day I asked Gary what his deadline was for my giving him the database to print and copy for the attendees of Channeling Intensive 2. He said to give it to him next Monday at the end of my working day. I asked because there is the real possibility that I will not exhaust the quotes by then. I have collected 160 pages of good, thoughtful material on channeling so far, and there are many more intensive sessions still to examine. What a wonderful source of themed material it will be when it is done!

Melissa spent her day taking down the inclined ceiling over my bed, which had come apart from a patch done by David W in 2004. By evening she had taken the grout and drywall down, cleaned out the lathing and attached new drywall to the joists, which should hold better. She did a beautiful job! She’ll finish spackling and hopefully paint the section tomorrow. Bless you, Mel!

After a bath with Mick and a rest while we watched Amy Goodman’s 2004 interview with wonderful Wobbly and folksinger Utah Phillips, who died this week, I tuned and Romi, Bob, Gary and Melissa joined us for a personal channeling session, my last one of the season, for technological inventor David H. His questions had to do with metaphysically oriented technology and on my own, I could never have responded to them with a sensible conversation but as usual the Q’uo group seemed to know what he was talking about and addressed his questions cogently. It was an interesting session, one I will look forward to reading when I edit the transcription.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It was a chancy day, rainy and sunny by turns. Mick got a bit wet a couple of times, but managed to mow all his customers for today and two for tomorrow. He is working ahead because the forecast for tomorrow is 80% rain, sometimes heavy.

After Morning Offering I came upstairs to find a wonderful surprise in the e-mail! Steve M had sent me his comments on Chapter 9! So I spent the morning absorbing them and taking a good many of his suggestions. Steve also promises to send me his comments on the other three chapters over the next week! How sweet it is!

I spent the afternoon collecting quotes on channeling for the database we will use during Channeling Intensive 2. I did not recall teaching channeling into 1989, but apparently I did so, as I am finding intensive sessions, still. The database has grown to over 140 pages!

Mick and I came together after our respective work days for a restorative whirlpool and then a delicious date. Yum! Thank you, Lord! I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I played hooky from church today and spent the morning with my roommate from MacDuffie, who was in town until noon, when she took off to fly home to Massachusetts. We had a great time catching up, shaded from the abundant sunshine under an umbrella at a table near her motel’s pool and letting the sweet breezes blow while we chatted. We topped our morning off with a hot dog lunch and said our good-byes.

Jim had kindly dropped me off at her inn and had spent the morning cleaning the house. He fetched me and we went home to Camelot and laughed our way through the first of our three films, one we had seen before but decided to watch again, Rush Hour 3, with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. We enjoy the many movie spoofs which this film contains and always get a kick out of Chan’s well choreographed action scenes.

Armed with a bowl of popcorn, we watched Stargate: The Ark of Truth, starring everyone in the television cast except Richard Dean Anderson, whose presence was missed. It contained an astounding number of special effects, told a good story and felt like a long TV episode, which is no bad thing. The writers continue to fracture mythological details. I imagine they have to do so for convenience in running the story lines, but it is a shame what they do to the myths of Egypt and Scandinavia! Ah well! Most folks do not know the difference.

Our third film was a crackerjack of a movie! Wow! Boy Howdy! Go rent The Great Debaters! Denzel Washington was the director as well as the star of this film. He got hold of an outstanding screenplay by Robert Eisele and cast the piece with Forrest Whitaker and a superb ensemble of young players headed by Nate Parker, Jurnee Smollett, Denzel Whitaker and Hamilton Burgess. John Heard was spectacularly sleazy as the long arm of unjust law.

The true story concerned a black college’s debate team’s victory over the Harvard debate team. It brought the ghastly ugliness of racial hatred into sharp focus and told the tale of tenant farmers attempting to organize in the 1930s. I loved this film! Why were there no Oscar nominations? The film was awarded many prizes, but mostly by organizations focused on black history. It should have been mainstream and Washington should have garnered an Oscar nomination for direction.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


The highlight of the day was a chance for Mick and me to get dressed up and celebrate a friend’s wedding. Patty B has been my friend ever since she and her first husband, the brother of my room-mate at MacDuffie, got together almost three decades ago. Phil B passed into larger life four years or so ago. It is wonderful to see her happily starting a whole new life. It was also grand to chat with my roomie, Anne B, and her cousin, Susan, who were in town for the festive occasion. And the food was delicious!

Around the edges of this absolutely stunningly beautiful Saturday, Mick weeded the yard and cleaned the kitchen, while I continued the work on the database on channeling for Channeling Intensive 2.

After our bath, we welcomed Allen F, who had driven down from Ohio to join us for the very last public channeling session before our summer break. We asked a question from Gary concerning winning the self over in the process of knowing the self and accepting the self. Then Allen asked several follow-up questions on all kinds of things. I look forward to reading the session when it comes back from the transcriber, ready for me to edit.

Gary and I sat down and discussed details before agreeing to go further with Bob R, who wants to create an L/L Research Gathering this summer. His group of people are excellent folks and I greatly enjoyed working with them last summer at Mackinac Island. So I am delighted we will be gathering with them again. Since none of them has as yet studied the Confederation information on the chakras and the energy body, that will be our topic of discussion. Bob will be here next week, and we can work out the details then.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


After Morning Offering I took up the task of rewording the descriptions of each session’s contents in The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. I have the job half-done now, but am contemplating going back and starting over to create a more unified approach.

After lunch I continued collecting quotations from our channeling archives on the subject of channeling, getting ready for the upcoming Channeling Intensive 2. I arrived, by bath time, near the end of 1987 and the database has grown to 118 pages. It feels very good to get this resource together for our attendees.

Mick came in from a full day of work, mowing with Gary until the early afternoon and then doing all his weekly maintenance and driving to a customer’s farm to collect one last load of storm debris. This was a huge job and he has been working at it for weeks. He said it felt wonderful to have that one done! We enjoyed a whirlpool together and then a most revivifying date before descending to the first floor for supper and the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered the closing prayer tonight.

Friday, May 23, 2008


It was a premium-grade day in the southern part of heaven, with temperatures kissing 70 F and lots of sunshine. After Morning Offering, Mick was off to do two of his biggest jobs, plus a round of errands. In the morning I finished the glossary definitions for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and sent the document to Barbara Brodsky so that she could define the Buddhist terms which Aaron uses.

Then I read through the finished Introduction, complete with Barbara’s part. It read very well and I changed only a couple of copy-editor details before sending that in to Judy R as our final version. Tomorrow I will work on the text of the table of contents. It is super to see this project coming together!

In the afternoon I continued with the Channeling Quotes Database, moving through 1987, which was a very active teaching year for me, and topping 100 pages of collected quotes by the end of the day.

Around the edges I batted at my Inbox, which once again is bursting at the seams. I wrote Talitha L to ask her if the $250 already donated was sufficient or if we needed the other $50 in order to pay her bills for getting here for Channeling Intensive 2 and also our trip to Mr. Wickey the Monday and Tuesday after that. We have two more loving and generous people standing ready to donate if she needs it.

I talked with Gary concerning a new mouse for me. My old one died a slow death and I am back to using the notebook mouse, a handy one, but one which is quickly drained of battery power. I generally have to change the batteries twice a week, using this mouse. I think my unusual electromagnetic field has something to do with that. Gary found me a new mouse with a charging stand on line! I am so glad he could find one to buy. My own search for one had been fruitless.

And I gave my roommate from MacDuffie, Anne B, an e-jingle, asking about Patty’s upcoming wedding. We had hoped to get together while she is here for the nuptials of her former sister-in-law, who is also a friend of mine through our mutual love of jazz.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Our chilly spell continues, but the skies are golden with sun and it has been a delightful day, the dogwood and redbud branches outside my office window tossing in the brisk breezes as they drop their petals. After Morning Offering, Jim mowed all morning and repaired a greenhouse and removed storm debris in the afternoon. I powered onward with my two current projects – while waiting O! so eagerly for the remaining comments from Steve on 101: The Choice.

In the morning I worked on the glossary of terms for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. I believe I might finish this project tomorrow! In the afternoon, I continued collecting comments on channeling from our archive of sessions, coming about halfway through 1987, which I seem to recall being the last year I taught channeling. We shall find out tomorrow!

After Mick and I had a most refreshing whirlpool I enjoyed choir practice. Ironically, we spent half the time at least mastering the Latin in an anthem to be sung the week of Channeling Intensive 2. I shan't be there. Ah well!

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It had rained overnight and the ditches along Hazelwood were running when Mick and I went to vote after Morning Offering. We are both Democrats and voted for Obama, who won in Louisville and Lexington but not out in the deeply rural remainder of the state. Nevertheless it felt good to exercise our right to choose.

Then Mick tackled his day and I, mine. In the morning I worked on definitions for the glossary of terms for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. Melissa and I went to Cheddar’s for burgers and an Avalon planning meeting before she headed back up to Avalon Farm. Then I spent the afternoon collecting channeling quotes for the database we will use during Channeling Intensive 2 for discussion periods. Both of my projects are maturing nicely.

Mick and I came back together at eventide for a bath and an electrifying date, and then snoozed until dinner time. Romi had arrived while we were upstairs and was working on the computer upgrade project, initializing Gary’s new computer. We enjoyed dinner and conversation with Romi and Gary. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

I was thrilled to hear from Gary that three people offered to sponsor Talitha! She garnered $250 from two volunteers and only needs $50 more to meet all her expenses now. I have not yet seen who the sponsors are. When I do, I will thank them with all my heart.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick set out in his jacket on this chilly day for a full day of mowing and gardening. I spent my morning working on the glossary of terms for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. In the afternoon I continued collecting quotes on channeling from our archives for the Channeling Intensive 2. I’ve come a long way on this project, up to the fall of 1986. I only have a couple of years where I was teaching channeling to go. There has been a 20-year hiatus on that. So I imagine I now have the bulk of the quotes collected. So far the database runs over 60 pages, a goodly collection!

Mel came down from Avalon for some rest time and watched In the Valley of Elah in the late afternoon and evening, joining us for the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer. Then we finished the night with an episode of House. The show manages to be unexpected every single episode! It is a winning trait.

Bob R wrote inviting L/L Research to form a Gathering with him as executive producer this summer, so I wrote Gary inquiring as to whether he thought he could help me with that or not, given the Channeling Intensive 2 at the beginning of June and the Homecoming 2008 at the end of August. I hope he can see his way clear, as I greatly enjoyed working with Bob’s group at Mackinac Island last summer. If Gary gives the nod, I’ll write Bob back and find out what topic his group would like to discuss this time.

Monday, May 19, 2008


It was a perfectly Edenic morning to go to church. Jim wheeled me up the ramp an hour earlier, as the church has switched to its summer schedule of 10:00 services. We sang Mozart’s Ave Verum and celebrated Trinity Sunday, the start of the longest season of the church year. It will run until Advent begins in late November.

Mick picked me up after cleaning the house and we embarked on our Movie Sunday. Over lunch we watched Trade, a film which explores slave trading. It is little known, but this kidnapping of children and selling them thrives today, with modern refinements such as selling them a la e-Bay over the internet by auction. Kevin Kline was good in this, as a law officer, but the real star was young Cesar Ramas, playing a kidnapped girl’s brother. He was excellent. It was an informative film with an interesting sound track.

Next came In the Valley of Elah. I would have thought this would garner an Oscar for Charlize Theron. Her portrayal of a detective stubbornly investigating a murder in the face of opposition from civilian and military authorities was nuanced, low-key and ultimately tremendously powerful. The ensemble behind her, especially Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon, were excellent also. Not a note in the whole piece rang falsely. I recommend this film.

Lastly we watched a quirky film called Awake! Ghoulish in its subject matter, it highlights the fact that some 30,000 out of over twenty million patients who go under anesthesia every year are not “out” but are awake and able to feel the pain of the surgery. However, this situation was only the pretext upon which was built a tale of betrayal and triumph. Hayden Christensen, Lena Olin, Jessica Alba and Terrence Howard formed a tight and beautifully presented ensemble for this unexpected and well crafted story. I would also recommend this film.

In our late afternoon break, I ordered a yard sign and a couple of bumper stickers for "Obama for President". Mick and I are both hopeful that this candidate will win the day. His goals are compatible with our own and I believe him to be an earnest and honorable man who can help our country recover its balance and back away from becoming a bloated, corrupted and doomed empire.

I also got a note from Talitha L. She is in need of a sponsor so that she can attend two events – Channeling Intensive 2 and a visit to a healer, Solomon W, with me after that Gathering. She needs $300 for her plane ticket and for the cost of the motel when we drive up to see Mr. W. Talitha is a woman with exceptional skills. A natural and gifted healer, she has backed up this gift with a medical education and has an M.D. She is also a promising channel. And she has substantial health challenges. No one could be worthier of help. If anyone would like to sponsor Talitha, please let Gary know at

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We had a lovely day to drive down to Leitchfield, Kentucky, to attend the big service welcoming the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church USA, The Very Reverend Katharine Schori. Gold dollars were splendid in the fields and poppies nodded at the roadside. Mick and I love to be on the road together! We skipped Morning Offering, since we were to be awash in ritual and worship later in the day, and got to the diocesan retreat center early to rehearse our music before anyone showed up.

The service was lovely. About 300 people gathered under a huge tent-top. There were about a dozen baptisms and the same number of confirmations for Mother Katharine to perform, as well as a reception and several people reaffirming their baptismal vows. And our little choir sang its collective heart out, ad majorem Dei gloriam!

We got back in time for a bath and then welcomed Romi, who had come over early to work on the upgrading of our computer system. After a light supper we added Allen F to our number and had a very good talk around the circle and silent meditation. In my closing prayer for the meditation I included prayers for Gaia and peace on earth.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It was still misting when Mick and I awoke, so after Morning Offering Mick and Gary decided to wait for an hour before starting their marathon day. They were successful, once they started, and came home at dusk triumphant, having mowed every single lawn, plus an extra one, done as a favor for an old customer at the end of the day. They did nine jobs today, a record.

Meanwhile I repeated my work from yesterday, giving half of my work day to the creation of the database on channeling for Channeling Intensive 2 and the other half to the creation of a glossary of terms for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. I am beginning to see progress in both projects.

I took just a bit of time to write Bob R. I am woefully behind on my e-mail – AGAIN! And I am so focused on the work that needs doing that it will probably remain that way for a while.

After a luxuriously long whirlpool, Mick and I celebrated TGIF with a particularly electrifying lovemaking. Have I mentioned lately that Mick totally rocks my world?

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, May 16, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick went out into the chilly day and mowed all his jobs for today as well as making up a 3-hour job from rainy yesterday. He still has a couple of extra yards to mow tomorrow due to this rainy week's weather, but he thinks that is eminently do-able. I am often amazed at how he manages to dance between the raindrops during rainy weeks like this and get all the jobs done. He took advantage of the afternoon rains by cutting a large, storm-felled cherry tree into lengths and carting it away for a customer.

Judy R, who has just done the final read-through for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, sent me two inner parts of the finishing elements of the book to edit, the table of contents and the glossary of terms. I spent the morning working on the glossary. It will take me a while to define all the terms Judy included which the Q’uo group uses, but I think the glossary will make a very good addition to the text of this book. When I am finished, I shall send this on to Barbara so that she can do the same with the many Buddhist terms Aaron uses. It’s so frustrating when one is reading a book not to know the terms used.

In the afternoon I collected quotations on channeling from L/L Research’s archive of transcripts. I have come to the end of 1984 in my searches and so far have 50 pages of quotes. When I finish, this will be a handsome resource for our Channeling Intensive attendees, furnishing us food for thought for this Intensive coming up in June, plus future gatherings.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today was a wet, wet day. It stopped raining in the afternoon, so Mick got some mowing done, enough to keep him vaguely abreast of his schedule for the week. In the wet, after Morning Offering, he drove up to Avalon and dropped off the DR brush mower for Melissa’s use. She says she finds Dearie handier to store and use than the big mower, so she is swapping Fielder, which Steve F donated to L/L Research, to Jim in exchange for Dearie. That way she can see to cutting the pasture on Avalon herself. She will also get a small Toro from us after it is repaired. Jim dropped that off to be fixed on the way up to Avalon.

Mick’s big triumph of the day was that, after he got his customers mowed here, he drove down to Steve F’s place near Shelbyville and got his acreage mowed. Now he can see his way clear to going to All Saints Retreat Center with me on Saturday so I can sing in the big hoopla service for the presiding Bishop. Thank the Lord! I did not relish the idea of going there on my own.

As for me, I worked all day on the databases – Channeling Intensive 2’s channeling quotes database and my recipes database. I am up to July 15, 1982 in the channeling database, with 41 pages of good quotations collected so far, and in the recipes,I am coming right along on reassigning dishes in the casserole section, which Mick never uses, to their meats or to their designation in the pasta section, which sections he DOES use. It was quiet work and I enjoyed the utter peacefulness of the day, drowned as it was in soft rain and pearly gray light.

At choir practice tonight, there were bagpipes, guitars and violins. We practiced everything we will sing during the All Saints service on Saturday. All went well! I think we are ready for the bishop!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We had a gift of a spring day, cool and crisp. We won’t see many crisp days from now until next winter, as the Ohio River valley is very soggy during warm weather. So after Morning Offering, Mick relished going out and doing his work. This was a signal blessing, as he had a double load today. Rains come in tomorrow and settle in for a couple of days, so he is mowing ahead. He did not return until after the channeling session in the late evening! Mick is one hard-working man!

Melissa came early and did town chores until 11:30, while I finished the re-do of the format in the daily entries of the Holly Journal. It was good to see that accomplished. At this stage of my life I am conscious of how my literary executor will come in after my death and try to create finished products from the writing I have done. This Journal will definitely be a possibility for publishing. I now have an alphabetical index of Holly’s Words for the Day, which should make the editor’s job of arranging the material easy.

It may sound cold-blooded or ghoulish, but to me it is logical and positive to look ahead. I was born with three basic gifts, a bone-deep devotion to and hunger for the Lord, an instinct for service to others and a facility with words. These have twined and plaited into the work of my life. There is much material beyond my published works waiting to be edited and published, if that is ever desired. So I think like a librarian and try to keep my letters saved, my speeches and interviews edited and my poetry, recipes and journals in order.

Melissa and I went retail today, something I generally avoid. But neither the consignment shop nor Wal Mart had a pair of khakis to fit me, so off we went to the nearest cluster of shops like Old Navy and Banana Republic. We did not have to go far, just a couple of miles north to The Summit Center on Old Brownsboro Road. We ate first at Max and Erma’s Deli and then tried the shops. We got lucky at Lane Bryant and found khakis for 60% off, almost as good as consignment prices. I now have my first pair of cargo pants. I’m kewl!

We stopped at Wal Mart to return the failure khakis and at Pier 1 Imports to find a dozen more trays for our next Homecoming. Then we stopped by the drive-through at the bank to deposit some cash donations for L/L Research. It was a good outing, maximizing our expensive gas!

I spent the rest of my work day working on the database on channeling for Channeling Intensive 2. I am working chronologically. Today I got to the end of 1980 in searching our archives, and so far I have 30 pages of Confederation quotes on the subject. It’s coming along nicely!

With scarcely a break, I tuned for a private channeling session with Yelena and then Romi and Gary sat with me for that session, while Yelena joined us by telephone. Her questions revolved around seeking her guidance, the status of her energy body and psychic greeting.

Romi offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A gentle sun and a cool breeze blessed our iris blooms today while the temperature just kissed 70 F by nightfall, making it a great working day for Mick. After Morning Offering he set out on his rounds of mowing and a lot of gardening.

I had a strong impulse to break away from my routine and worked on my Holly Journal entries, starting an alphabetized list of her Words for the day and adjusting the daily entries' format, which did not settle down for months after I began having my private chapel time. If this material ever sees print, I would imagine the best way to present it would be alphabetically. When I am finished, the material should be uniform and easy to get ready for publication.

By the evening, I had progressed most of the way through March's entries, so I have only a few weeks of entries left to do tomorrow and I will be all caught up with myself. Meanwhile, Mick accomplished all he had set out to do. It was a fine day for both of us.

After our bath, we had a date and cuddled afterwards for a while before descending to the downstairs for dinner. I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Our website is getting a slightly new look, as our web guy replaced the pure white background with a warm off-white and colored in Don Quixote’s sun in the logo. It’s quite handsome, I think.

There was crushing news tonight. An earthquake in China is said to have taken over 10,000 lives! Now that surely made a terrible disturbance in the force! Here in the States, we lost 12 more people to large tornados in the southwest. I know the victims are all in paradise now, and I pray their transit was swift and sweet.

Monday, May 12, 2008


The day dawned rainy, windy and ornery. All day it either misted or softly rained while the winds gusted to 50 miles per hour. While it was only squally here, southwest of here tornados took the lives of four people. As the Ra group said, “the inconveniences have begun.”

We had a lovely day, warm and dry inside. After our morning’s “cleanliness is next to Godliness” routine, with Mick cleaning house and I singing the service at St. Luke’s, we settled into a triple feature, which turned into a double feature when, for the third time, the DVD of Reservation Road would not play on our machine.

Over lunch, we began with I’m Not There, a non-linear look at Bob Dylan’s music and generalized life experience so far. Seven actors played Dylan, the most successful of them being Marcus Carl Franklin and Cate Blanchett. This very personal and affectionate film was awash in Dylan’s music and rang with the genius of his words and melodies. I greatly enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes Bob Dylan’s work.

After a break to brew some popcorn, we settled into our second film, The Brave One, with Jodie Foster playing an urban victim turned predator. It is the next vigilante film in a long series of American films which focus on the theme of a person being victimized by criminals and then turning on those who victimized him. Foster did a very good job with the role, but the action was predictable and there was the inevitable tendency to generalize and moralize, which limited the film’s appeal. The production values were excellent. Foster was most appealing, as was Terrence Howard, who played a policeman trying to help Foster.

When we could not get the DVD of Reservation Road to play, we found I, Robot on the tube and watched that instead. Will Smith owned this film and carried it nearly single-handed, squaring off against some beautifully conceived, computer-generated robots. He did a great job. I love science fiction and enjoyed this film thoroughly, but it was indulgent, going over the top in its special effects to the point of the film’s occasionally lacking clarity and coherence.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mick’s birthday was a deliciously cool, breezy day. We skipped Morning Offering, a rare departure for us, and went straight for present-opening after our breakfast and newspaper time. He received some money and a good pair of dungarees from his Mom. He opened 6 CDs, a shirt and shorts set with a Hawaiian theme and the University of Nebraska logo, an Obama tee and a Nebraska tee, an Obama baseball cap and a Nebraska baseball cap, from me. I topped the offering off with Hershey’s kisses marked “Happy Birthday Mick”. Still to come are a black, a blue and a light brown pair of casual-dress pants and two short-sleeved party shirts. Mick loved everything! No returns this time!

Gary gave him a ticket to the upcoming Dave Matthews Band/Willie Nelson concert and a download of the entire discography of The Who!

I worked at my CI-2 database on channeling, organizing the database chronologically and continuing to collect quotations from the Confederation channeling in our archives. I cleared 20 pages of quotes by bath time. And I am only in 1974! I should be able to amass an awesome collection by the time I work my way through all our material, one which may see us through more than this Intensive as study material.

I also continued to improve my recipes database. All the chicken and fish recipes are now reworked. I have only the roasted-potato recipes to finish in order to declare the white potato section all reworked. And several vegetables are now completely reworked – asparagus, broccoli, carrots and corn so far. With 3,000 recipes to rework, the project will be ongoing. But it is good to see progress in the most popular sections.

I confess to feeling most eager to get the rest of the comments from Steve amalgamated into Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. I am keeping busy, but everything palls before the anticipated time of finishing all the last touches on this book and declaring it DONE! However, it is important to have all the energy put into the project be purely loving, so I have encouraged Steve to finish his comments only when he is in the right zone. Waiting is.

Mick cleaned the kitchen in the early morning. At mid-morning I drove Mick into Middletown to pick up his truck, now equipped with new front brakes and feeling like a whole new vehicle, he said. He spent the rest of the morning doing his usual round of errands and then worked in the yard all afternoon, spiffing up the Rose of Sharon hedge in front and collecting two big garbage-bags full of yard debris.

After our bath we got dressed up and went out to Applebee’s for his birthday meal out, where we knew we could get in and out in time for the L/L Research meditation and study meeting at 8 p.m. Romi and Allen F joined us for meditation. Mick asked a question tonight about sacred sexuality. I look forward to reading it when I edit the transcript. We have only one more public channeling to go before we break for the summer! The season has gone very quickly.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The sun rose on a chilly day, and full light came and went as showers and mist filled the morning work for Jim and Gary with damp conditions. They set out after Morning Offering together and powered through the day’s work in good time.

Jim is having equipment woes. A belt came off Fielder and he just got that repaired when Suzie’s handle got ripped off tangling with an Anchorage work truck. That damage was amazingly extensive, the repairs coming to $1,000–plus. And yesterday Thetis barely finished mowing and then would not start. On the way home, Jim’s truck’s service light came on. Gary helped him drive that into the dealer’s for repairs. As Mick said, there are months when all the money you make goes right back into your equipment!

I basically spent my day collecting good quotes for the Channeling Intensive 2 attendees to discuss. I have 11 pages now. Around the edges I drove up to Middletown to get Mick his birthday card, as he turns 61 tomorrow. I am bummed that the clothes we ordered have not yet come in – two shirts and three pairs of pants. He will have to enjoy an extended birthday celebration! But he has some nice presents to open, as I have been collecting CDs, tees and baseball caps for him.

I also wrote Gary concerning the curriculum for CI-2, and Melissa concerning Avalon affairs. All in all, it was a delightful day. However, my tummy is still acting up, and Mick was exhausted, so we had a very quiet night, cuddling and snoozing our way through Star Gate SG-1 episodes and finishing with an episode of House. I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, May 09, 2008


This was a blissfully quiet day for me, as I did not need to stir from the house. It rained off and on all day, so Mick split the wind after a shortened Morning offering and got all but one of his mowing jobs done before being rained out in mid-morning. He had two gardening and landscaping jobs to do and accomplished them in the wet. It was warm, so he was comfortable. And he enjoyed the thought that his new plantings would have a wonderful welcome to their new garden homes, blessed by the raindrops.

I worked first on my journals, then on several e-mails from our archive site’s web guy, who is in the midst of revamping our entire site. Then I wrote Phyllis Schlemmer at some length, reminiscing about Andrija Puharich, with whom I was associated in the late 1970s and with whom Phyllis did a great deal of loving and service-oriented planetary work for two decades. She would like for us to do a workshop together. I also think that would be good, if we can work out the details and find a sponsor to fund its production.

I then wrote my essay on why I want to learn to channel, which is a requirement for the upcoming Channeling Intensive 2.

After lunch, I spent the rest of the working day starting the database on Confederation quotes concerning channeling, which will be studied during the CI-2 Gathering. I got four pages into it before Mick came home. He was an hour early for bath time, and I needed some presents wrapped, for Aubine’s grandson, Fassely, and for Mother’s Day, for Jim’s Mom. He very kindly lent me a hand.

After our bath, Mick and I came upstairs and made sweet love. After cuddling together for a while afterwards, he helped me try on the khaki pants needed for the choir trip on May 17th. They were too short in the inseam, too tight in the hips and too loose in the waist. My typical luck with pants, as my waist is smaller and my legs are longer than the usual, for my size. We won’t talk about my hips! That pair was all Wal Mart had to offer, so I will ask Melissa to do a retail run with me to cop a pair of khakis that fit next week.

Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


This was truly a day in Paradise, with brilliant sunlight in the morning glossing the snowy white, fuchsia and orange azaleas in the back yard and soft rain blessing the growing flowers and blooms of spring in the evening. After Morning Offering, Mick sailed off to work a very full day.

Just last Thursday, when his JLS statements went out, he included a note to his customers to the effect that he was open to accept one or two jobs. Lately, two of his long-time customers have moved to patio homes, and so either two small acreage slots or one large acreage slot came open. Today a woman who lives just across from St. Luke’s asked him to work for her. Her lawn is large and she is very particular and artistic, just the kind of customer to appreciate Mick’s fastidious, impeccable work. She does a good deal of gardening, and so she will be using him for much more than the weekly mowing. I am so happy for him!

I worked all of today at editing the second session of Channeling Intensive 1, which was on preparing to channel. Now I am waiting for only two more transcripts of the sessions to come back from the transcribers, the one on creating a workroom and the one on visualizing one’s guidance. I think that, together, when they are up on the web site, they will constitute a good addendum to A Channeling Handbook and help people who are studying channeling.

Gary and I decided that we will try for a third time to record the missing session on tuning during Channeling Intensive 2. He felt that since it was a critical part of the process of learning to channel, the attendees would be glad to review the material. Only then will we have a complete set of all 13 sessions of CI-1. The first two times I gave this talk, at CI-1 and at the make-up session last weekend, there was a computer glitch.

In the middle of the day I stopped by Wal Mart and found a pair of khaki pants and a plain white shirt, which our choirmistress has asked us all to wear for the service down at the Diocesan Retreat Center, or Camp Swampy, as Lisa calls it. Located in Leitchfield, Kentucky, it is a beautiful place but too rural for choir robes. So we will be the choir in khaki and white.

Then I drove to Baptist Hospital East, where I had my annual MRA. They are looking at an aneurism on the right side of my brain which was discovered four years ago, when I had a seizure which resulted in a broken bone in my hand. So far it has been stable and too small to need surgery. It would be great if it were gone this time!

Jim attended a town meeting about the sewers while I went to choir practice. We rendezvoused back home afterwards for a late dinner and the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered a particularly beautiful closing prayer tonight.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I was thoroughly exhausted and after Morning Offering, I came upstairs and took a wonderfully restorative nap. I repeated this in the afternoon. It was a tough day for me physically, as my stomach was acting up, but the rest helped immeasurably.

Around the edges of the day I did a bit of work, mainly conversing with Ian about the new version of our archive site, He has a wonderful idea for the color scheme and fonts used in the site. He will offer people their choice of several different ways of viewing our material in terms of how it looks. People can make this site their own in a very personal way. With a body of material which focuses on the power of choice, what a perfectly complementary feature!

Most of his changes, however, will go unnoticed except that the site will work better for people, as he has recoded it to take advantage of more modern technology.

Romi visited this evening and we enjoyed his company while watching a block of Star Gate Atlantis episodes. I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I arose to find Mick already stirring, eager to get out into the day, for his working day is packed today. John and Talitha joined us for Morning Offering and then Mick was off like a whirlwind.

We three sat and conversed over our coffee and then John and Talitha departed to pack their bags while I used the time to respond to Ian on editing questions and to rework a couple of recipes. I finished the “skillet-cooked chicken breasts” section of the database, a folder containing several dozen recipes. I am almost finished with the chicken recipes entirely now, having only a few smaller sections to go.

At 11:30, John left for his drive to Chicago to meet his plane to Minnesota, and Dianne S came. Talitha joined Dianne and me for lunch at Captain’s Quarters. It was a perfect day, about 70 F and sunny, with a small breeze off the river and just a few picturesque clouds. The new leaves were celery-green and the blooming azaleas were lush and bright. Our only woe was the tent worms! We were sitting underneath overhanging branches, from which the bright green worms kept dropping onto Talitha’s hair. We managed to get situated so that none of us was under that tree!

We came back to Camelot so that I could give Dianne the name of my osteopath and his contact information. She has taken Milt to a healer and believes that he is cured of his epilepsy. Now she has to wean him off his many medications. I pray that this is true!

I drove Talitha to the airport and then came home to lie down for the remainder of the afternoon. I am very weary! However the weekend was well worth my effort. When we meet next month for Channeling Intensive 2, we will be able to include these excellent people. I am doing my happy dance, but slowly!

Jim was two full hours late coming home. He had been delayed at almost every job by requests for extra work. And he had a silly mishap because an Anchorage work truck was thoughtlessly parked out in the road. Jim tried to ease by it, but on his trailer the handle of Suzie, his smallest Skag mower, got inextricably intertwined with something on that truck, and snapped off. Mick had to end the day by taking her to Louisville Tractor for repairs.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, May 05, 2008


The Sabbath dawned chilly and sunny and the day stayed cool. We gathered for Morning Offering and then worked on Q and A concerning the last remaining bits of the tuning process. At 10:00, Steve T took me to choir practice and stayed for the service at 11:00. Meanwhile, Mick drove down to Steve F’s estate and cut his grass.

The attendees were assigned the work of going through their tuning processes and filling in the missing pieces, such as making their workrooms and contacting their helpers. They went through their processes together, broke to talk about their experiences and then practiced the tuning process again during the remainder of the morning.

Steve and I returned at lunchtime and we had delicious conversation to go with our good food. It turned out that all the attendees had a very easy time creating their safe places and finding their Gatekeepers and guidance systems.

I lay down to rest until 2:00, when I roused and came downstairs again to work with our first channeling circle. The group did extremely well. We need to create a better microphone system, however, as the channelers furthest from my tie-pin mike did not get picked up clearly. Romi, Gary and I agreed to tackle that logistical problem before the June session.

Again I took a short nap. Then we had a round-robin discussion and a session with me channeling Q’uo. The attendees had some interesting questions for the Q’uo group about how the channeling connection is made.

The rest of the day went all too quickly. The group began to disband, first with Maria leaving and then with Steve T getting on the road. John and Talitha will leave tomorrow. We enjoyed a Gaia Meditation together, and Gary offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


With our four new attendees, plus Gary, Romi and Mick, we tackled our review of the material covered in Channeling Intensive 1. By the end of the working day, we had chewed our way through the material in the first five sections – the introductory talk and the sections on preparing to channel, tuning, challenging and psychic greeting.

With all the questions answered on the material so far, we happily broke for the running of the Kentucky Derby, which we enjoyed watching on television together. I wore my Derby hat and "bet" on Eight Belles, a sweet filly. She came in second but gave her life in the effort. It was a hard thing to see such a gallant, beautiful animal be euthanized as she lay on the track with her front fore-ankles both broken. Melissa noted that it was just like a woman to get the job done before conking out!

We all took to the road after the Derby and caravanned to The Bristol for a delicious dinner. Yum! We spent the rest of the evening in convivial conversation.

We came back to Camelot just in time for the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.

Tomorrow we will build our workrooms, meet our gatekeepers and our guidance and practice our tuning before we have a channeling circle. I am tickled at how well things went today and very pleased with all the attendees’ work. I believe that after this make-up weekend, they will fit seamlessly into our channeling circle next month in Channeling Intensive 2.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I overslept this morning, awakening just in time to brush my teeth and join Mick for a brief snuggle before arising. After Morning Offering I had my chapel time, wrote my Holly Journal entry for today and then my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday.

Jim and Gary took off in a hurry after Morning Offering, as the weather was lowering and they had many lawns to make beautiful before raindrops fell. They barely succeeded, mowing the last yard in a drizzle. The hard rain held off, however, until they arrived home. Praise the Lord!

I worked more on the Introduction to The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and then came down to welcome Talitha L, the first attendee of this Channeling Intensive make-up session to arrive. She had been traveling since before midnight yesterday, California time. We had a good conversation over lunch at The Alley Cat Café and then she napped while I completed my part of the Introduction to A/Q and sent it off to Barbara B, my co-channel on this project, for her completion. I heard back before day’s end that she loved my part of it and will complete her part next week. Over this weekend she is very busy, teaching on the Atlantic shore.

When Talitha awoke, she spent some time with me doing Reiki and talking with me about my medications. Unlike the lung specialist I saw yesterday, she does not feel that I am “deconditioned”. We had quite a talk about male doctors. Often, when they cannot diagnose a problem, they transfer blame to the patient. As an M.D. herself, she is very familiar with this syndrome.

She feels that I have an inflammation in the interstitial lining of my lungs. She has not been able to pin down the cause, but feels that energy work will help me more than medicine. She taught me a grounding visualization, where I see my root chakra anchored to the heart of the Earth by a loop. I ground my energy into the planet and the heart of the planet gives infinite energy to me.

I worked with that for a while and began to feel the snugness of the anchor. Talitha felt that my energy was already stronger and encouraged me to use the visualization frequently every day. I greatly appreciated her thoughtful advice and loving energy.

Slowly, as dusk turned to night, we accumulated our company. Steve T arrived next, having driven through heavy rain all the way from his home in Illinois. Then John K arrived. He is a Minnesotan who had a plane ticket to Louisville. However his plane was grounded in Chicago due to heavy weather. So he rented a car and drove down from O’Hare. He also had braved rain all the way. Romi arrived and then Maria R swam in, having driven down through the storms from Ohio. With Gary and Jim, that makes our number for the weekend.

Gary had cooked a feast of orange chicken, herbed roasted potatoes and asparagus with pecans, and we enjoyed our first communal meal together as we got to know each other. John is the only attendee who is new to L/L Research gatherings. Everyone else met last Labor Day weekend for Homecoming 2007. By the time for the Gaia Meditation, we were all comfortable together. Jim offered the closing prayer.

We then read our “Who Am I” essays, going around the circle, resting in the increasingly bright light generated by these earnest attempts to capture the mystery of selfhood. Afterwards we fixed tea and conversed until Mick and I said good-night and came upstairs for a last snuggle before bedtime. The guests stayed up for some time thereafter enjoying their conversation.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Melissa joined us for Morning Offering and then spent her morning working on the basement water closet, to cure its habit of running. The culprit seems to have been a chain that was too short. Then she did some cooking, fixing the household some treats to eat while we watch the Derby on Saturday. Jim took off for his very full day of mowing and gardening, not to be seen again until bath time.

I spent most of my morning sleeping. I had awakened very weary and found myself unable to stay awake. I napped until about 11:30. After I awoke, I began writing the introduction for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues.

I spent most of the afternoon at the office of a lung specialist, who pronounced my lungs free of emphysema or asthma. In fact, he found nothing wrong with me at all. This appointment concludes my circuit of attempts to find help from traditional medicine. As long as the symptoms remain, I shall simply work around them!

On the way back from the doctor’s I stopped at Absolutely Salon to have my nails done. Now my “do” is complete and I am ready for the weekend! It should be a crowded, intense and very fun time for us all.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


The last day of April was a gift, in the 60s F and with a gentle breeze to boot. After Morning Offering I wrote the next issue of L/L Research’s Gatherings Newsletter. I have not gotten news from any study groups besides our own lately, so I focused upon the three Gatherings we have coming soon – the make-up session for those who missed Channeling Intensive1, the Channeling Intensive 2 coming up in June and the Homecoming 2008 over Labor Day.

I came downstairs at lunchtime and rendezvoused with Melissa, who had come down to Louisville for the purpose of putting in a new kitchen faucet for us, and also to relax and enjoy a bit of down time. We had lunch on the way to downtown. We wanted to check out Joe Ley’s Salvage. Mick told us that their third floor has a whole slew of doors and Sugar Shack needs both a front door and a back door.

I sat in the car and read a book, one of Dick Francis’s very appealing thrillers and right in season since the book is set at the race track. Meanwhile Melissa scoped out the door supply. She came back to the car saying, “I could spend a day in there!” She found good doors. But they did not come with the surrounding framing, which is problematical, since she would have to build the frames. Now she is considering buying new metal doors which have their own frames.

We also stopped at Louisville Tractor and picked up L/L Research’s new Shindaiwa chain saw. Her mushroom project is finished for now, with all the plugs inoculated, and Mel wants to get on to cutting wood for construction and also for sale as fire wood.

Then I had a real treat! We stopped at a consignment clothing shop in Middletown and found some very nice garments for me to wear. I have gained enough weight to have grown out of many of my clothes. This will give me more choices. I love choices!

We made it back to Camelot at bath time. Mel settled in with a movie while Mick and I bathed. Then I went to choir practice at St. Luke’s. We are rehearsing the music for the May 17th service to welcome the presiding Bishop as well as for our regular services. It is a joy to sing with these people!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.